You can support your library and honor an event or person at the same time by donating a book in their honor. We often find selecting just the right gift for someone difficult. Well, how about a book in his/her honor? That way the recipient doesn’t have to try to make room for it or figure out what to do with it, and everyone gets to enjoy the book. Forms for such donations are available at the Forest Park Public Library.

A beautiful example of the elephant walk we will soon be seeing around Madison Street is the magnificent fellow designed by Jeannine Guncheon, now standing just inside the Forest Park Bank. His trunk is raised, so we know he’s happy to be there. You’d be happy too, if you looked that gorgeous. Take a look and get inspired.

“You deserve a break today (this week),” Marie Spence. So Marie and her fellow workers at McDonald’s in Oak Brook went off to Portugal for 10 days, all paid for by MacDonald’s. Welcome home, Marie.

Not to be outdone, Ruth Loyd spent a week in London and she loved every minute. Ruth is shown here with a Big Beefeater. Ruth and her daughter Becky enjoyed all they could right in the city; Globe Theatre, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, British Museum and on and on. The weather was sunny and beautiful every day. So were all the Londoners they encountered.

The music director of Saint Peter’s Church, Debbie Jeroncic featured musicians Alexej Muran of Roosevelt University, who has a master’s degree in classical guitar, and Ludek Heczki, who earned his degree in violin, at a recent service. They made the Mother’s Day service more beautiful.

Janet and Gary Fink have been winning ballroom dancing prizes everywhere they compete. They began taking dancing lessons before their daughter Jill’s wedding. They liked dancing so much it has become a rewarding hobby.

Congratulations to new grandmother Dianne Eggers. New grandson Jonathan Thomas Rossi was born May 3 to parents Marc and Amy Rossi of Naperville. The baby has a big brother, Samuel and three big sisters, Isabel, Cecilia and Hazel Ann. He also has grandparents living in Muncie, Ind., they are Ken and Sharon Crawford.

On May 23 Mike Jargstorf, Tom Conrad and Zianna Turek all have a birthday; on the 24th, Mark Janopolous, Matt Schuler, Bill Tresise, Brendan McNeill; May 25, Gary Fink, Tricia Cassiani, Bob Ashcroft, Ben Reina, Kyle Kutak and anniversary celebrants Tim and Ruth Stefl; May 26, Alberta Williams, Ashley Santelli, Louis Zellick, Patrick Carr, Lynette Carr; May 27, Aluren Arnieri, Margaret Rohde, Paul Schlichting; May 28, Eve Cubic; May 29, Dermot Casey, Tom Aftanas, Jim Collis, Keionne Maughm, Adam Stahlke.

A correction from last week is in order. The photo of Chuck Brod and his former student Daniel Grant was mislabeled.

Remember the library book sale June 22 and 23, no Sunday sale because the library will be closed on Sundays for the summer.