Here they are; five of Forest Park’s finest trying out their new Segways and loving every minute of it. The men attracted quite a crowd but they paid rapt attention to their really hot Segway instructor, Kathryn Lake. Standing, or riding, at attention are David Coglianese, Bill Plum, Michael Sinisi, Jose Sanders and Tom Cannon. Everyone will want to join the force so they can get to ride on these battery powered vehicles. No pollution, no noise, good for chasing bad guys because they can’t be heard and very good for parking patrol. Here come the Segways!

Hung Mai attended a conference of Analytical Chemists in Indianapolis, Ind., where she presented a paper. Hung Mai’s study is Krabbe’s Disease, a neuro-psychine brain disorder. Hubby Min Li, a PhD in medicinal chemistry himself, went along to meet with old friends from UIC and spend some time with daughter, Tina Li. While they were there, they stopped off at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, a world famous facility. The museum is really big, four stories high. It was very interesting, but the Lies think the Children’s Museum in Chicago is even more fun and educational, though not quite so big.

Christina Quintana attended a conference in Champaign-Urbana last weekend (June 9, 10). Since dogs were not included in the invitation, she left her pug Stanley with neighbors Rodney Paul and David Jones. To ease the pain of separation, Stanley spent some time with his friend, Callahan.

Saint Bernardine’s walls will probably cave in when longtime teacher Jane Bale fails to return in the fall. It’s been a great run Jane. Everyone wishes you a happy retirement. Former Forest Park students who have left us but are graduating this year are Ben Reina, Mickey Lyons, Courtney Conrad, Lia Pardun and Marti Popelka.

Sympathy to Ron Milchhoefer on the death of his sister, Marilyn Moll.

Lots of great trips planned for the seniors and friends this summer. White Pines Dinner Theatre in Mt. Morris; Wrigley Field to see the Cubs play the Giants; an evening at Millennium Park with dinner at Charlie’s Ale House on Navy Pier and a trip to Lockport for “Blast from the Past,” a musical. Trips are also planned for the Looking glass Theatre in the Old Water Tower Building on Michigan Avenue, a trip down the St. Joseph River on the Elkhart River Queen and a mystery trip. Senior bingo and barbeque June 28 at noon at the Altenheim picnic grove. Reservations required, cost $2 bingo, $6 barbeque. Call (708) 771-7737.

The Howard Mohr Community Center is still looking for recipes to include in the 100th birthday of Forest Park cookbook. Please submit by June 15.

Celebrating birthdays this week on June 13 are, Cecile Webster, Bernice Matthews, David Jargstorf, Mary Moravec; on the 15th, Ted and Annette Rozmus have an anniversary. Karen Dylewski and Clayton Huebner will celebrate their birthdays; June 16,Anthony Calderone, Jr., Lucy Liu and 2-year-old Sadie Blank; on the 17th, birthday greetings to Tim Grams; the 18th,Emily Mynt, Carol Ralph, Trevor LaPoint, Artie Gray, Maria Willingner and anniversary greetings to Jon and Jenny Kuehl to Jill and Brian Hosty and to Danny and Diane Mohr.

Ah choo (thank you in Lithuanian).