Historical Society to host cemetery tour

The Historical Society of Forest Park would like to thank all that attended the public meeting at the village of Forest Park Public Library this past Sept. 23. We hope you enjoyed the display of the work we have been doing to save our village history.

Along with the village of Forest Park’s revised history by acquiring items such as the Ferdinand Haase Journal and the newly acquired Baptismal certificates of Leon Bourassa’s two first born children, as well as the Bloomer Girls Baseball uniform, which is on loan to us for the next six months. I would also like to remind everyone of the Historical Society’s “Haunted History and Mystery” cemetery walk to be held on Sunday Oct. 14, at Forest Home Cemetery. Once again thank you.

Richard Vitton
Historical Society of Forest Park

Yard work impugned

Here we go again. Mr. London would have you believe that he walked past my yard to see dog droppings (Letters, “Make no assumption” Sept. 26). Well how is that Mr. London? Do you have X-ray vision since there is a 6-foot private fence around my yard that is 20 feet from the side walk?

Heather Colvin
Forest Park