Everything is in a frenzy. You have much to do for Christmas, but hopefully you were able to have a little fun Friday night at the Holiday Walk.

Can you keep a secret? A reality TV show has been filming in the area and one of the stars is a Forest Park resident. I can’t tell you all the details yet, but stay tuned.

Our Harlem Maernerchor and Damen choir will be singing at the Daley Center so I hope you get to see them if you’re shopping in downtown Chicago. Unfortunately for those singers, Forest Parkers don’t need downtown Chicago now that we have Madison Street.

Let me repeat it until everyone in Forest Park knows the name Art Jones. Without Art, Madison Street would be a dingy, gray, forlorn forgotten mess. John Trage stood right behind Art in helping to restore Madison Street. John told Art about Centuries and Sleuths, which was in Oak Park on Harrison Street around the corner from the Oak Park Bakery, practically unseen by passersby. Art got us into the Main Street program, invited Augie to join us, and one thing led to another. Twenty years ago no one would have believed you had you told them all this would happen. Thanks, Art. And thanks to all the merchants and restaurateurs who had faith in us and came here to brighten up the town.

Along with the merchants and restaurateurs we have many artistically talented Forest Parkers, we even had a member of the CSO here for several years. Phil Blum suffered a health setback a while ago so he moved to Holley Court. He’s doing fine, still plays his cello with the CSO and with the Symphony of Oak Park and River Forest.

We have Nancy Greco now a member of the Michael Teolis Singers who will present their inaugural concert on Saturday, Dec. 8 at 7:30 p.m. at First United Methodist church, located at Oak Park and Superior. They’ll sing carols and other Christmas favorites by Parker-Shaw, William Ferris, P.D.Q. Bach (a universal favorite of music lovers and non-lovers) and composer William Grant Still.

Mr. Teolis studied and worked with notable classical artists and has arranged music for such talents as Jimmy Damon, Johnny Frigo, and former Miss America Kate Schindle. Forest Park vocalists in the group are Louise Bruggemann, Nancy Greco, and Eric Johnson. Tickets are $15 adults, $10 students and seniors. Cash only. For reservations call (708) 366-2889.

Good luck in his new venture to Wayne Shauer as he assumes the Hallmark shop. Goodbye and good luck to the Costello/Bale duo as they begin a well deserved retirement.

December birthdays on the 5th, Dave Winter, Cheryl Kolnick; Dec. 6, Adele Sharkey, Carli Loyd; Dec. 8, Kallen O’Shea, Matt Pingel; the 9th, DeMaria Gilbrath, Brian Mullen, Scott Marler; on the 10th, Gloria Chaney, Andrew Doss, Mary Alice Nee; Dec. 11, Morgan Trage, Madison Hannah Pronek, and 6-year-old Corina Harnett.

I’m off now, dogs running all over the house, scared my cat right out the door and can’t find her now. Hope you’re more organized than I am.