If you’re suffering from cabin fever remember, this winter has brought us the fourth most snow in the last 25 years. And winter is only one-third over. So take heart. Spring will come again, soon you’ll see little white snow drops-and I mean flowers, not drops of snow-peeking out of the melting white stuff.

Please let us keep our Circle Theatre right here in Forest Park. It was the first jewel in our crown. Thanks then, to Art Jones who got Main Street going and saved Forest Park from a dismal future. All these great restaurants and shops followed.

Speaking of which, congratulations to us again after that great spread in the Tribune last Thursday. I hope somebody sent Art a copy.

Congratulations to Fritz and Grayce Kloess on their 50th wedding anniversary. The Kloess’s are now living in Wisconsin but lived here for nearly 40 years. The children they raised here and who attended Forest Park schools are Susan, who is living in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Suzanne, of LaGrange Park; Thomas, now in Berwyn; and Barbara Tonelli, now living in Lemont.

Eric Battersby‘s great opus, “Pyrite” was enthusiastically received by the audience during its premier at the Lake Theatre last Monday. Greg Phillips, local renaissance man, said it was a “powerful” drama. One test of a good drama, film, play, concert, etc. is how long after you leave the theatre you continue to replay scenes in your mind. If that’s the test, Pyrite” passed with an “A.”

A stunning performance was given by Arch Harmon. Also by Lake Street thugs, Cyril Robinson and Darryl Williams who were so convincing I forgot they were acting and got scared out of my wits. Eric says they are really soft-hearted teddy bears, but they sure scared me. Wish I had more names of some of those excellent amateur actors. Maybe later. Good luck to Eric Battersby. Hope some of these film festivals pick up his work.

The Marouseks were also at the theater. Also Dick and Cecilia Byars. Of course Carol Byars was there with Roger Johnson from Arizona. Many of the theater-goers went to a post premier party at Jimmy’s. Unfortunately, I can no longer begin my evenings at 12:30 a.m., and missed the party.

A big thank you, again, to the village’s street and sidewalk shovelers. Those guys really earn their pay.

Citizens United in Forest Park had to postpone their meeting last Thursday, due to weather conditions that prevented the Red Cross from getting here in time to introduce their life-saving course.

One of the world’s greatest music masterpieces will be performed this Sunday, Feb. 10 at First United Church of Christ, 848 Lake St. in Oak Park at 4 p.m. The Symphony Chorus will be accompanied by the orchestra under the direction of Jay Friedman of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra; chorus director is William Chin. The Brahms “German Requiem” soloists are Marcy Stonikas and Douglas Anderson. The program will begin with the Mozart Piano Concerto #17 played by world famous keyboard artist, David Schrader. Pre-concert “conversations” by Jack Zimmerman will begin at 3 p.m. in the small chapel at the northwest corner of the church.

Chinese New Year begins on Feb. 7-the Year of the Rat. So, “Gong Hai Fah Choi” and “Xin Nian Kuai Le.” Don’t forget Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday and Groundhog Day. So, let’s all cheer up.

Happy birthday to Stacey LoCascio, Cherice Stewart and Anne Spence; on the 7th, to Michelle Rubio, LaTonzia Sanders, Mike Lyons Jr., Pam Bower, Todd Bower, Eleni Collis, Cassidy and Frances McSheffrey; Feb. 7 is the 71st anniversary of Angelo and Dorothy Spinelli, as mentioned last week. On Feb. 10, Karie Schlichting, Kirsten Cursel, Paul Stahlke; 11th, Eleanor Cole, Tiffany Greenberg, Christine Marshan, Cedric Javier, Ian McSheffrey, Daniel Marote, Paula Peterson, Emmaly Sansone, and happy anniversary to Dorothy and Tim Gillian; on the 12th, Amelia Huebner, Michael Paulin and 4-year-old Hailey Reis; on Feb. 13, Timothy X. Lane, 4-year-old Kyle Vincent Clifton and 3-year-old Valentina Marusk.