Holy Week already? Are you sure? Yep … I see we’re right in the middle of it. Well, in that case, have a delightful Easter. There are more bunnies running around town this year than I have ever seen. So you’re sure to get some surprises in your shoe and elsewhere.

Congratulations to Tim Lorr who was awarded his five year pin from the American Legion. He has also been made chaplain of the post. Tim says there probably won’t be any more pancake breakfasts there because the men who used to make the pancakes, take the tickets, serve the food, etc., do not feel they are able to do all that anymore. Those pancake breakfasts were such a great gathering place for neighbors. They will be missed.

But you can meet your neighbors at the annual Kiwanis dinner, compliments of Chef Gaetano on April 26 at 5 p.m. For a measly $8 (only $5 for seniors) you can enjoy pasta and three different sauces by our famous chef, and enjoy ice cream compliments of The Brown Cow, and who knows what all.

Melinda and Drew Peterson (no, not that one) are the proud parents of a baby boy, Lang who was born Feb. 3.

Sympathy to Brianna Villareal and family on the death of her beloved dog, Idaho. When Brianna was single she picked up a stray young dog as she drove through the state of Idaho. He proved to be the best dog on earth. Everyone loved Idaho.

Speedy get well wishes to Minnie Maxwell everyone’s favorite neighbor on the block. Minnie, at age 77, still works hard every day, but her blood pressure caught up with her. She expects to be out of the hospital before this paper goes to press. Her neighbor Chris Martin will be waiting for her.

You may have seen Ivy Millar as you use the drive-through at the Forest Park Bank. Ivy is also a nursing student at West Suburban Hospital. An appropriate name for a nurse, don’t you think? I-V, get it?

It’s nice to see some of our churches joining forces what with attendance dwindling at most of them. Might as well combine congregations. This week on Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday, Saint Paul’s will hold a worship service at 7:30 p.m. There’ll be homemade soup and bread there on Good Friday beginning at 6 p.m. At St. Peter’s there will be a quiet communion at noon, time for meditation, all in silence. Both churches will have a continental breakfast after Easter Sunday services. St. Peter’s always has an Easter basket raffle with good prizes. One year Nancy Bower won two tickets to a Cubs game. The lively members of Hope Tabernacle Church will be joining St. Peter’s for Tenebrae services on Good Friday.

Happy Persian New Year on the first day of spring. The Iranians grow greenery in a bowl at home for a few weeks before spring begins. Then on the first day of spring they go to a river and float these young green plants away.

This morning I heard a flock of geese as they flew overhead. Couldn’t see them, but surely could hear them. Many of us doubted that spring would ever come again, but if you look you’ll see tiny buds on the trees and bushes. That long cold winter is over at last. Don’t put your winter coat away, though.

Happy birthday to Ed Huebner, Geoff Flight, Joe Gianelli, Dan Gallina, Christel Freeman and Tara Cassiani on the 19th; on the 20th of March, Alexandria Reina, Lauren Haeger, Bob O’Brien, Steve Urban, Ryan Mollo and happy anniversary to Janet and Elmer Mittelhauser. On March 21, Andrew Huebner will be 11 years old, Grace Snyder and Peter Zapotek have a birthday, and happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Greg Horvath; March 22, John Huebner, Natalie Mazzone; March 23, Tom Reich, Gary Steger, Terry Uidl, Hillary Kutak, Bob Walker; on the 24th, Jim Becker and Nicole Carlson celebrate birthdays, and it’s wedding anniversary numero uno for Marissa and Sonny Serio; on the 25th, Victoria McKenzie, Barbara Haeger; on March 26, happy birthday to Michael O’Malley, Dan Haley, Tom Giers, Pat Krautz, Jim Papa, Maeve Eloise White.

The Greeks won’t celebrate Easter until much later this year, late April. So if you have Greek friends, you can stock up on Easter baskets, bunnies and chicks, which will all nr on sale after the non-orthodox Easter.