Dear Whitney,

Thanks for your note and writing sample. As far as I know you are the first person to write us from The Grove.

Your handwriting, of course, is really disconnected printing, but it is neat, legible, large, and vertical. It is also somewhat angular as opposed to being rounded.

As you are probably aware, Whitney, printing has become much more common in the past several years. In fact, most young adults have totally abandoned cursive in favor of printing.

Printing is disconnected writing and much of graphology is based on the way people connect letters so printing is more difficult to analyze. Printers are individualistic, and have rejected the cursive script they were taught. They have a desire for personal isolation and a need to live a separate and detached life. They have a strong need for personal space.

Such persons are highly intuitive, perceptive, and creative. They strive for perfection in all that they do but do not wish to become personally involved with others to any great extent. They tend to be critical, self-centered, lonely, and aloof. They (you) need to maintain a certain amount of psychic distance for their own emotional preservation.

You are a bright person, Whitney, but most of your beliefs and opinions come from feelings rather than reasoning. Your ideas are personal and inventive.

You know things without knowing you know them. You think in terms of the whole concept rather than in a systematic order. You have a good memory and are extremely observant.

Notice that your script rises from left to right and this means that you are an optimist. You are restless, ambitious, excitable, and quickly stirred to action. You are generally cheerful, have faith in the future and are able to see the brighter side of things. You feel confident that your goals and plans will turn out well.

Whitney, you are a mature and intelligent person. You have a sense of order and there’s simplicity in your outlook on life, which gives you wisdom. You are practical and creative and know how to deal with essentials. At times you underestimate yourself and your abilities.

You don’t set goals that are very high because you don’t want to be disappointed.

You have a conservative streak and you always revert back to past experiences in finding answers to new problems as they arise. You are persistent and have some unresolved emotional ties with your mother.

At times you can be cynical and sarcastic.

In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, Whitney, you are opinionated and like having things your way. You are proud, independent, reliable, decisive, firm, and straightforward.

Does this fit with your understanding of your personality?