Former village commissioner and one time mayoral candidate Terry Steinbach is now the proud possessor of a Ph.D. in computer science from DePaul University. Her family, friends and neighbors all extend congratulations for a job well done. Terry earned that degree in record time, I’d say. Usually takes years before that dissertation shapes up.

Ingrid Scott has just returned from an extended stay in England where she met her new grandson for the first time. Gabriel Roland Scott was born March 1 in Exeter, England. His proud parents are former Forest Parker Glenn Scott and a pretty, young Brit, Jennifer Reader Scott from Exeter. Jennifer and Glenn met in Prague where they were teaching English. In the photo below, that’s Exeter Cathedral in the background.

In case you didn’t notice, summer crept in last Saturday. Be prepared.

Stanley the pug has been told by his doctor that he must lose three pounds. What do you think?

On June 29 at 2 p.m., Clio’s Chroniclers, a history discussion group, will mull Jon Meacham’s book “Franklin and Winston.” This is an intimate portrait of the friendship between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. It should make for some good discussion and listening at our famous bookstore, Centuries & Sleuths, 7419 Madison St.

We missed Quitsch Florist last week when everyone was on vacation. Dixie and the rest of the Parduns, David, Annette, Lia and Gina, went to Orlando, Fla., to take in everything. Disneyworld, SeaWorld and whatever else was going on down there. They had a great time and so did Dixie’s assistant florist, Nedra Wentland, who stayed home and got caught up with things.

Carol Duarte has had a lot of health problems lately, but she still has her sense of humor and is doing much better. She has a great doctor at Loyola, by the way.

Has a group been organized to raise funds for our Circle Theatre? Please let us know. Lots of people want to help out. That theater was the first jewel in the crown of the “new” Forest Park. It’s wonderful news that it isn’t leaving as soon as we thought. Kevin Bellie, what can we do?

On June 26, happy birthday to Adam Kowalski and happy anniversary to Marie and John Spence; on the 27th, birthday greetings to William Hough, Patty Marino, Erin Loughlin, Rick Leninger, Norm Leinweber; on June 28 happy birthday to Shirley Christell and Sandy Byrnes; on the 29th to Jack Christell and Frank Cassiani; June 30, June Doulder; July 1 birthday greetings go to Kay Madden, Tim Flight, Virginia Collis, Scott McAdam, Ben Reina and Matt Montes; on the 2nd of July, Shannon VanDiepen, Sue Pyan and Michael Fox.

Residents of the 235 Marengo Condominium will hold a first annual “garage sale” in the courtyard of the building from 8 in the morning until one o’clock in the afternoon. Everyone is invited to come and get some bargains.

Mary Wynn O’Connor is trying to discover if gardeners in the village are interested in resurrecting the Garden Walk of a few years ago. If you’d like to see this activity be reborn call Mary Wynn at 708.771.2678. Thank you.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life’s other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far Southwest Side of Chicago in a great neighborhood when it was a great time to be young.