Continued coverage just spiteful reporting

I think that maybe it’s time for the media to leave this man and his family alone (“Fundraiser follows Murphy conviction,” July 23). I think that, unfortunately, Sgt. Murphy has been made an example of. What more do people want? He was given the maximum sentence that was allowable, and still there are constant attacks. As long as taxpayer dollars did not go to host the fundraiser for his wife and children, no one should care who was there.

These are the man’s friends who are trying to do all they can to get this family through this time. This is nothing like the frustration of when criminals are not given up by the community. This man has faced the music and has done so because of the support of his family and friends. I find it quite disturbing that you are wasting time criticizing this family’s friends for trying to help them out. People are giving their time and money to help a woman and children, and you think it is OK to attack. Next time, try to slant your article in a more human direction. Stop attacking people who are trying to find a way to help a family. There are outreach programs that help small kids who have a parent or parents in jail and no one says anything about those. Let’s maybe try to keep in mind that every time you speak about this man this way, you are affecting his children as well.

Karen Mandatolo
Hoffman Estates

Cooling treat

St. Paul’s Vacation Bible School staff says “thank you” to the firefighters who went out of their way to spray our children with water on a hot, muggy July day. It made the closing of our program a lot of fun for the kids and the parents who were watching.

Pastor Audree Catalano
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Rex’s big day

This note is tardy, but I’d like to send a sincere “thank you” to the family who found my wandering dog on July 13 and called the police. Another “thank you” to the dispatcher who took my call, and to the officers who brought him home. He was only gone for 45 minutes but it felt like weeks and I was frantic with worry about him getting hurt.

Rex, on the other hand, thought it was great fun to meet new people and ride in the squad car with the nice policemen. Thanks again to all of you, especially to you kind neighbors who kept him until the police arrived. The world needs more nice people like you.

Patty McKenna
Forest Park

‘Baloney,’ for sure

“We’re absolutely going to trial,” attorney Rick Halprin said. Then, just prior to the trial date, Forest Park Police Department Sgt. Mike Murphy pled guilty to violating a man’s civil rights by beating him. Baloney, Mr. Halprin.

Commissioner Mark Hosty said all he was doing was helping a friend falsely accused of something by hosting a fundraising soiree for Murphy. Now, he has “no comment on the Murphy family whatsoever.” Baloney, “Man of Action.” Must be, speak no evil.

Commissioner Mike Curry thought it was great Hosty decided to help one of our officers. Community Calendar Curry, also present at the Murphy sentencing, may or may not contribute to the Murphy family. Curry also doesn’t want to “piss off” the mayor and tell him how to run his police department. How about pissing off the people you represent Mr. Curry? Talk about speak no evil!

Previously, Village Administrator and Ethics Advisor Mike Sturino said, “I’m just not talking about it.” More speak no evil. When Mr. Sturino was asked whether the presence of village officials at another fund-a-crook event shows our municipality condones criminal activity, The Maestro bellowed, “baloney.” What?

Deputy Police Chief Tom Aftanas was the first village representative to be quoted offering Murphy praise, but then he was disappointed and concerned with the plea. Police Chief Jim Ryan still does not know if Murphy did anything wrong! The top cops clearly have a “see no evil” mentality.

Commissioner Rory “Rosy” Hoskins is worried about precedent and won’t make this a big deal. More see no evil. How about our deficit Mr. Finance, is that a big deal?

Commissioner Marty “I Can See Clearly Now” Tellalian wasn’t even aware there was an event, but finally believes attending would be a bad idea. He won’t be included in any monkey business now!

Where is Mayor Anthony Calderone to explain how his department will right the ship after the trying events of 2007 and 2008? He is not returning phone calls seeking comment. The classic hear no evil.

Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. Is this monkey business? No, just baloney.

Tony Sarley
Forest Park

A wonderful staff

I’ll miss everyone there, however, I wish them all the best (“Third-generation florist finally taking time to smell the roses,” July 23). Nedra, Dixie, Tina and everyone are knowledgeable about flowers and all the ladies there are dear, sweet dolls! They treat their customers like family. God bless! Live long and prosper!

Lester Nixon
Forest Park