The founding members of the local government watchdog group Citizens United in Forest Park, no longer hold a leadership role in the organization. According to a board member, new officers were chosen Monday, Aug. 4 and neither Steve nor Gloria Backman hold a ranking position.

Board members Gwendolyn Crayton, Sharon Obeidallah, Amanda O’Connor, Karen Rozmus and Cecile Webster assigned themselves the roles of president, vice president and secretary treasurer, according to Rozmus, meaning each board member has a dual role. The current board was selected in May.

CUinFP was founded by Steve and Gloria Backman in May 2004 as parking and zoning concerns in Forest Park, among others, spurred them to action. Their mission statement, as stated on the group’s Web site, is to promote a “greater awareness of the activities and policies of the local government and matters of public record impacting the citizens of Forest Park.”

The Backmans no longer serve as CUinFP officers, however, they continue to participate as members of the organization, according to Rozmus. Steve Backman did not respond to requests for comment, but stated in an e-mail that questions should be directed to board members.