Dear Jean,

I’m happy that you have finally decided to send in your handwriting for analysis after all this time. Your handwriting is large, legible and connected, but has a very inconsistent baseline and varying slants.

Your large script reveals your need for space, your feelings of self-importance, and your desire to be observed and to be bold. You try hard to impress people and to win recognition, and you are not afraid of challenges. You have been known to be extroverted and extravagant.

You are generous and optimistic, Jean, along with being self-reliant, serious, and independent. In your desire to impress others you can sometimes be lacking in care and discipline.

You have a fine mind, Jean. You enjoy learning new things and you learn easily but your lack of discipline keeps you from becoming a real scholar.

Some of your letters slant to the right while others slant to the left, and this unstable slant presents a red flag. It means that you are emotionally unsettled and inconsistent, and others perceive you as moody. This inconsistent slant suggests that you are dealing with an emotional conflict, a form of inner struggle, with resultant indecision and inconsistency.

The good news associated with this varying slant is that you are versatile, creative, lively, impressionable, and have many interests. Unfortunately, you can also be anxious, changeable and inconsistent.

I would strongly recommend, Jean, that you try very hard to keep the slant of your writing constant and the baseline straight. Forcing yourself to do this is a form of grapho-therapy with the end result being that not only will your handwriting be more consistent, but so will your emotions.

Submit your writing

To have your handwriting analyzed, send a sample to: James Murray, Wednesday Journal, 141 S. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302.