Christina Li lost her first tooth on Aug. 6 and in honor of the occasion, her neighbor, Christina Respas, took Li and her dog Suzie for a walk to an ad hoc lemonade stand run by Maeve, Emma and Aiden Dunaway. Everyone enjoyed meeting everyone else, and Li really liked the lemonade.

Our young skating star, Angelina Giuliano participated in a world wide championship meet in Denver, Colo., a few weeks ago. “Lina” along with about 1,600 other skaters, participated in roughly 10 meets and earned two first-place awards, as well as several second place medals to go along with a third-place finish. Angelina’s parents are Eddie and Nicole Giuliano; grandparents are Lydia and Don Giuliano.

Our sympathy goes to the Mazzone family on the death of their beloved, nearly 18-year-old little dog, Butchie. In his younger days, Butch really made his presence known. He lived a long, and a very good life.

Medical student Ben Curran spent the summer in India where he studied diseases of the eye. Because of funding shortages, his pretty young wife Jamie wasn’t able to go along, so she went to the Seattle area to visit family and friends. When Ben’s studies were over, the couple went for a little vacation to South Padre Island, Texas, and met Hurricane Donna. Ben captured some exciting images of the hurricane, including a picture of their hotel room door being blown off. Back to Forest Park, where they entertained out-of-town friends, the couple went to a Cubs game – last Monday night when tornado sirens were wailing. The group spent a few hours locked inside Wrigley Field before heading for the el and home, at about 2 a.m.

First a hurricane, then a tornado. I hope they don’t decide to visit Los Angeles next year.

Nancy Blum, our beautiful and talented cellist, is now flexible and limber of wrist and thumb after undergoing orthopedic surgery and therapy to mend her overworked joints. It took eight weeks to fix everything up, and Nancy is ready to begin the season with the Symphony of Oak Park and River Forest in October.

Happy birthday to Linda Brehl on Aug. 13, along with Elizabeth Moravec and Dakota Staiger; on the 15th, Reid Thompson; Aug. 16, Colleen Murray, Rocco Cirrintano; Aug. 17, Angela Tricoci, Kevin Nutley, Donna Prochazka, Thomas Curry; on the 18th, Betty Breseman, Dorothy Grams, Barbara Lambke, Eileen Pfaff, Christine Cassiani, and happy anniversary to Eduardo and Marie Zamora, and Joyce and Pat Oberg; on Aug. 19, Lisa Cozzi, Terry Hemstreet, Lindsay Pritchard, Anthony Bower each get a birthday wish; on Aug. 20, Donald Childs, Madison Crowe, Amanda McAdam, Kaitlin Smith , Ida Hansen, Alice Nolan.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life’s other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side of Chicago in a great neighborhood when it was a great time to be young.