Dear Jan,

I’m so happy to hear that you thought your aunt’s analysis was accurate, and I’m also pleased that you decided to send in some of your own writing.

Jan, your handwriting is really small, light, legible printing and you do it in red ink.

I don’t believe your choice of red ink is accidental. Red is a widely accepted symbol of life, strength, and vitality and is associated with ambition, generosity, and affection. It shows that you have a subconscious desire to be different and, probably, superior to the masses.

Although your printing is small your capital letters are large and this suggests self-respect, pride, and idealism. You like being noticed and hate being overlooked. You feel you have something significant to contribute to the world, and are not afraid of challenges. You have a strong sense of honor, pride, and dignity.

Jan, your printing is small. Small writing (or printing) requires concentration, so I know you are accurate (good at detailed work), conscientious, studious, thoughtful, tolerant, and modest. You are frugal, economical, but can be fearful and submissive. You need to guard against being petty.

In addition to being small, your writing is also light, so I know you are sensitive and susceptible to atmosphere. You are feminine, adaptable, sympathetic, and receptive.

Notice, Jan, that the baseline of our writing is concave. These hollow or concave lines tell me that you start projects enthusiastically then lose interest, but that you muster enough energy to finish successfully.

Your printed writing suggests to me that you strive for perfection in everything you do, but you don’t want to become personally involved with others to any great extent. Generally you would rather do things alone than to deal with the difficulty of identifying with the causes and goals of others.

You are an intuitive thinker with a creative and inventive mind. You have many good ideas and a good deal of intellectual initiative, but at times you can be moody and lonely.

Much good luck to you, Jan, and have a merry Christmas.