Dear Bonnie,

Thank you for your note and writing sample. Although you didn’t give me much handwriting to work with, I’ll do my best.

Your writing slants to the right, is legible, connected, quick and has large capital letters, and these characteristics give clues to your personality.

Large capital letters mean that you are ambitious, proud, bold, and not afraid of challenges. At times you do things to show off or impress others, and you like having things your own way. You do have a temper and you sometimes become angry over minor things.

For the most part, Bonnie, you are an optimist. You try to see the brighter side of things. You have faith in yourself and in the future and you believe your plans and goals will turn out well.

You write quickly because that is how you think. You are intelligent and have several learning styles. You possess a lot of intellectual energy and vitality, so you have a great deal of ambition. You have many interests and a desire for variety. You learn quickly and are an analytical thinker. You are not satisfied until you know the reason behind something.

You frequently feel restless and secretive. You have trouble with authority figures, and become insolent or defiant when disagreed with. You don’t like people telling you what to do. You are a decisive person with strong likes and dislikes.

You are generous, Bonnie. You share not only money and material goods but also yourself, your time, your ideas, and you do so without expecting anything in return.

You have a flare for showmanship. You do things to attract attention and make others notice you, and you can be overly dramatic at times.

Even though you are opinionated and like having things your own way, you are practical, realistic, determined, strong willed and have a fairly well-balanced outlook on life.

You are sociable, spontaneous, enthusiastic, affectionate, kind, and a real humanitarian.

Much good luck to you and have a wonderful 2009.