When it comes to writing, sometimes I’m all thumbs.

Thumbs up to our crumbling streets. As a Forest Parker said, we don’t need speed bumps – our wagon trail roads are enough to slow speeders.

Thumbs down to the new YMCA. If Forest Park gets this state-of-the-art exercise facility, what will happen to Evolution Fitness?

Thumbs up to the park district – they kept my New Year’s resolution by signing a contract to upgrade the pool locker rooms.

Thumbs down to the post office for raising postage rates and discontinuing Saturday delivery. Don’t they know small businessmen need those Saturday checks to keep pizza on the table?

Thumbs up to the commissioners for showing their independence.

Thumbs down to the idea of “sampling” for the census. Hey, I signed up to be a census taker and we want to be paid to go door-to-door next January.

Thumbs up to our staggering economy. It’s downright character-building to make ends meet with no credit.

Thumbs down to my new catastrophe health insurance – the deductible would bankrupt a small nation.

Thumbs up to the reorganization of District 91 schools – it will give kids who now attend Garfield and Grant-White a chance to get to know each other.

Thumbs down to home-schooling to avoid the new arrangement. If parents won’t send their kids because they think the schools are in decline – well?

Thumbs up to stepped up parking enforcement. The Oak Park shoppers who followed their stores to Forest Park are used to getting tickets.

Thumbs down to the middle school kid who called his 21-year-old brother to beat up his 12-year-old rival.

Thumbs up to plunging home values. My mortgage company is offering me a do-over.

Thumbs down to our junior senator Roland Burris. I mean, renaming the senate rotunda the Rolanda is ridiculous.

Thumbs up to our ex-governor. His crusade to uncover corruption could insure that his cellblock will have some familiar faces

Thumbs sideways to Mayor Anthony Calderone – I don’t want to disqualify myself from writing for The Post.

Thumbs up to the new Blue Line beggar – riders appreciate hearing a fresh sales pitch.

Thumbs down to kids who disrespect my property – don’t make me call my big brother.

Thumbs up to the people who are rehabbing their houses, joints that are serving dollar beers and stores that are offering sales – if we don’t stick together during these hard times, our thumbs will only be good for twiddling.