A man who was arrested early on a Monday morning for driving under the influence pleaded with the officer that he was just trying to enjoy his Saturday night.

Shaun Grayson, 28, of Broadview, was pulled over shortly before 1 a.m. May 4 for driving along Ferdinand with his music blaring, according to a department report. The officer asked Grayson for his license, to which he replied, “I’m 28.” The driver was also smoking a cigarette “well into the filter,” according to the police.

After searching for his identification, Grayson was asked to step out of the car. He allegedly admitted to drinking two 40-ounce beers, and had another cold 24-ounce beer in the car with him. Grayson appeared confused as to which direction he was headed, whether he was going home or going to the store, and police reported he failed several field sobriety tests.

“I’m going to the liquor store to get a beer,” Grayson allegedly said. “I’m just trying to enjoy my Saturday night.”

Once in custody, Grayson allegedly registered a blood-alcohol level of .145. The legal limit for driving under the influence in Illinois is .08.

Boisterous, but apologetic

A supposedly rowdy and intoxicated James Ludwig was issued a pair of citations for a 2 a.m. outburst on Madison that was deemed “unreasonable” by police. While standing near the intersection with Desplaines Avenue, Ludwig, 24, was shouting crass words and obscenities. When the officer approached the Forest Park resident, he noted that Ludwig’s eyes were bloodshot and that he smelled of alcohol, according to a department report. Ludwig was ticketed for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. He then apologized for his behavior and shook the officer’s hand.

DUI suspect blows .171

After allegedly struggling to recite portions of the alphabet and count backwards from 67, a Chicago man was arrested for driving under the influence during the early morning hours of May 4. It was later determined that Bryant Allen, 38, had a blood-alcohol content of .171, more than twice the legal limit.

Police first took notice of Allen upon hearing the tires of his Pontiac Grand Prix scrape along the curb near the intersection of Madison and Desplaines Avenue, according to a department report. Then, as Allen drove east along Madison, the car swerved within its lane. A check of his registration revealed Allen’s license had been suspended for an insurance violation, according to a department report.

During a roadside interview, Allen allegedly admitted to having had too much to drink. He then failed a series of sobriety tests and reportedly asked the officer to repeat the instructions several times.

Pursuit leads to multiple charges

Police stopped 37-year-old Andra Bush on May 7 for driving without a license plate on the front of his Buick. Because Bush was at the intersection of Jackson and Harlem, the officer asked him to pull into a nearby gas station so they could sort the matter out without blocking traffic. But as the officer returned to his squad car, he saw Bush drive through the intersection and head east along Jackson, according to a department report.

The officer quickly notified dispatchers of the situation and followed Bush as he passed another car, then turned north onto Grove and east again on Madison in Oak Park. Bush allegedly ignored several traffic signs and was eventually stopped when an Oak Park officer pulled his squad car in front of the Buick.

Bush, a Forest Park resident, allegedly told police he fled the scene because he did not have insurance. In addition to eluding authorities, he was charged with reckless driving, and a handful of other violations.

-Compiled by Josh Adams

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