Support for basketball

On behalf of the Forest Park Youth Commission, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who made our summer basketball program successful once again. Over 60 children enjoyed playing basketball as part of a joint program offered by the Youth Commission and the Forest Park Police Department. This program would not have been possible without the generous support of many organizations in town. Our thanks is extended to the village of Forest Park Public Works, the Park District of Forest Park, and the village of Forest Park for their continued support of this program. Our appreciation is also extended to the Forest Park Kiwanis Club for their generous financial donation that allowed us to purchase new pieces of equipment this year. A special thank you to Forest Park School District 91 for the continued use of the playground at Field Stevenson/Middle School.

The summer basketball program would not have been possible without the wonderful group of volunteers involved in supervising the program. Thank you to Jorie Stevens, Michelle Vaughn, Rich Barger, Bridget Dowdle, Brenda Powers, Kila Bell-Bey, Maggie Simmons, Susan Kunkle, Karen Dylewski and Eric Connor for all their help.

The Forest Park Police Department played a major role in the success of this program. Special thanks to Chief Ryan, Dora Murphy, and all the officers who came out and played with the kids: Sergeant Tierney, Sergeant Bell, Sergeant Morrissette, Officer Brooks, Officer Chin, Officer Pater, Officer Bryant, Officer Miller, Officer Heveran, and Auxiliary Officer Funk. The kids loved getting to know each of the officers and looked forward to seeing them week after week.

It is a credit to all of the individuals involved that they are willing to put forth the time and effort to give our kids a safe place to play and an environment in which to build relationships with the police department that are not based on being adversaries.

Mary Win Connor, chairwoman
Rachell Entler
Forest Park Youth Commission

Thanks for the fond memories

Saying goodbye is always hard, but that is what I had to do on June 5, 2009. On that day I bid farewell to a career and a classroom that was home to me for 29 years when I retired as a teacher from the Forest Park schools.

The Forest Park schools – District 91 – provided me with an atmosphere to work in that is rarely found in the workplace. The teachers, support staff, administration and particularly the students and their parents, became a family – a family that I will sorely miss.

Few careers afford a person the opportunity to impact future generations – teaching, done right, does. Hugs and memories shared with former students over the years gives a warm feeling like no other. Watching students who leave our nest and go on to accomplish lifelong goals is one of the many small ways a teacher may know they made a difference.

To all of my former students, I do remember when and I thank you for the memories I carry with me always. Many thanks to my coworkers, administration, and parents for years of cooperation and support and the making of many lasting friendships. The school board gave the retirees a wonderful party (you can never top that cake!) and I thank them for that. I wish all good things for District 91and, as the kids might say … “See you on the net!”

J. Beverly Forbes
retired District 91 teacher

‘Secret’ has been mayor’s to keep

Regarding the Aug. 5 article entitled “Hoskins admits to payroll secrets,” it should be noted that Commissioner Rory Hoskins did not establish the so called “secret” option of receiving compensation in lieu of health insurance. Commissioner Hoskins merely agreed to allow a second employee to be paid in lieu of receiving insurance. Commissioner Hoskins agreed to this option for one of the employees in his department when requested to do so by our village administrator a few months after taking office. And with a cash compensation of only 50 percent of the village cost, it is understandable that Commissioner Hoskins would agree to this request.

Mayor Anthony Calderone was quoted as saying that it was “grossly improper” for Commissioner Hoskins to negotiate with an employee after the decision to hire was made. If this option is only available at time of hire, how was Commissioner Hoskins to know this when it is not written down? The Review reported that the mayor did not recall if the entire council approved the first option granted. How is Commissioner Hoskins to know that he cannot approve this option for an employee in his department when the mayor can not remember if the entire council approved the previous option? That is the problem with not having documented policies and procedures.

Clearly, this unwritten option is not something invented by Commissioner Hoskins. Village staff has been working on a policy for compensation in lieu of health insurance since last fall. The mayor’s claim that he learned of the second option only two months ago is unbelievable. And as everyone knows, the mayor sets the agenda. If anything is improper, it is improper to bring forward a new employee handbook without addressing this issue.

Marty Tellalian
Forest Park Commissioner

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