40 years ago

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig. I’m guessing you never bought a fat pig entire, but it’s a fat lot of trouble shopping every week. Everybody doesn’t like it. Especially when compared to White Way’s prices 40 years ago.

Chicken Legs, 49 cents lb. … Chicken Breasts, 59 cents lb. … Italian Sausage, 89 cents lb. … Head Lettuce, 2 for 29 cents … Cantaloupe, 3 for 89 cents … Frozen Orange Juice, 6 oz. tin,17 cents … English Muffins, pkg. of 4, 14 cents … Colby Cheese, ½ lb., 49 cents … Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake, 18 oz., 69 cents.

From the Sept. 3, 1969, Forest Park Review

30 years ago

Our village held its second annual Mini Marathon in the fall of 1979 -a 6.2-mile run co-sponsored by our Chamber of Commerce and the Howard Mohr Community Center. One hundred forty entrants (30 from Forest Park) broke from the starting line at 7:30 a.m. and were bunched together at Desplaines and York. They followed a straight course south on Desplaines to Greenburg (Cemetery) Road, then a left and right for a long finish north down Circle, looping Randolph and winding up again at Harrison and Beloit.

Altogether, 22 trophies were awarded, the overall winner being 24-year-old Kurt Shallenberger from Chicago, who covered the 6-plus miles in 30 minutes and 50 seconds. Everyone completed the race.

Why a mini-marathon? Community center director Jim McCoy said, “The event is primarily for the enjoyment and recognition of the runners. It gives a lot of people a sense of accomplishment no matter how they finished.” (It also diversifies us.) Does Forest Park no longer sponsor this event? If not, why not?

From the Sept. 26 and Oct. 3, 1979, Forest Park Review

20 years ago

No one knows how his or her day is going to be. Even more so for a cop. Imagine you’re the police officer stopped for a red light at Madison and Desplaines … it’s 5:30 on a Sunday afternoon. The driver of a Renault pulls up alongside your squad car and tells you he’s being chased by another car “ever since Chicago.” A moment later this other car, a Cadillac, pulls along your other side, complaining that the Renault driver had stolen his gold neck chain.

As a cluster of question marks materialize over your head, the light changes and the Renault peals rubber at an excessive rate. You take after in pursuit and – what the heck – so does the Cadillac. The three of you, at one point, are doing close to 70 mph. You manage to curb the Renault at 5th Avenue and Oak in Maywood. The object of the pursuit is a 22-year-old Indie wannabe from East Chicago, Ind. You never know what the day will bring.

From the Aug. 23, 1989, Forest Park Review

10 years ago

Pastor Tom Holmes told of a trip taken with six teenagers to the New Malleray Trappist monastery near Dubuque, Iowa. The abbey is home to about 40 Cistercian monks, who are big on silence. With permission, Brother Brendan agreed to meet with the visitors. The hour began with the good Father’s description of his ascetic lifestyle and a typical day. (Quite different from a policeman’s.)

He and his fellows typically arise at 3:30 a.m., pray in silence for two hours, partake of a spartan breakfast, perform chores like tending the vegetable gardens, cleaning and maintaining their quarters and cooking the midday and evening meals – all while offering silent prayers in keeping with their vows. One of the teenagers asked what seemed like a fair question: “Does it bother you that you pray, yet don’t help the poor and needy?” Brother Brendan smiled and said he had struggled with the same question. “But I’ve been at peace with my decision,” he added. “All of us believe that the prayers coming out of here truly make a difference.”

That’s faith, Brother.

From the July 7, 1999, Forest Park Review