Coyote! Coyote! That’s the sound that’s been ringing around town this week since a coyote was sighted in a few places. Poor coyote is probably hungry and the snow has hidden most of his prey. But take heed! They can snatch up a little cat or a small dog without any trouble. One of our handsome young snow plow operators warned me one night last week as I was walking my little dog. Poor dog didn’t know what happened when we turned and ran back home.

Congratulations and best of everything in the future to retiring president of the Friends of the Library, Shirley Christell. Evelyn Krueger paid a glowing tribute to Shirley for the great job she has done as president. New president Hertha Orzula will assume command at the January meeting with Eleanor Locati sitting in the vice president’s chair. Congratulations and good luck to the new officers.

Before we leave the library, let me mention the two luncheons sponsored by the booster group recently. Here is Charletta West, hostess of both events. The friends treated the library staff to lunch last Thursday and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

New Adult Services librarian Ian Lashbrook comes to us from the state of Delaware. To prove that you will always learn something interesting when you visit the library, here is a bit of Americana that I had never heard of, compliments of Ian. Every fall in the state of Delaware an event called “Punkin’ Chuckin'” takes place. Contestants are awarded prizes for chuckin’ their punkin’ the greatest distance. Our Ian once won first prize.

Reminds me of cherry pit spitting and cow pie tossing around the Midwest.

Joan Pervis is back home after a brief visit to New Buffalo, Mich. She is charmed by that area – who wouldn’t be.

Celeste Cosgrove spent a few days in the hospital but we hope she is enjoying a complete recovery now.

Thanks for taking the time to read this stuff during such a frenzied, busy season. So on to the birthdays of the week: Dan Barron, Adam Ritter, Sue Stanton, Bill Hopp, Amanda Rychtanek, Tim Flanagan, Irene O’Shea, Madeleine Garlisch, Diana Dylewski, Scott Popelka, Kaylee Ross, Peggy Madden, Angel D’Souza, Angelina Cote, Jennifer Vince and John Paul Miceli.

Back to more important things for you. Christmas is just about here!