I want to congratulate the Park District of Forest Park and the citizens of the community for successfully passing the Roos property referendum.

I grew up across the street from the park and it was always such a huge part of my family’s life; from preschool to “Miss Carol’s” tap class to my high school and college years as a lifeguard at the pool. I come back as often as I can to volunteer at the No-Gloves Tournament or to enjoy the spectacular the 4th of July celebration. The park is always there so I can “come home.”

I hope those who opposed the property purchase (and even those who approved it) truly appreciate what they have. I moved out of Forest Park when I got married seven years ago and I can honestly say that nothing compares to the park. In fact, the community where I live now does not have a park district so I have few options but to drive my children to another community and pay non-resident rates. And while those communities have an organized park district, their facilities are scattered.

The residents of Forest Park have wonderful opportunities available to them in a beautiful, centralized location. There is something for everyone. The Roos property will only award more of these wonderful opportunities to create lasting memories. Forest Park is truly blessed.

Irene McDermott Sandner
Elburn, Ill.