Fashionistas were greeted with a glass of sparkling champagne Sunday afternoon as they entered the doors to Afkara Shoes and M. Santana, the adjoining boutiques on Madison Street.

This is the seventh year that the two stores have had a fashion show to roll out the new inventory. The event Sunday was a cross promotion with Flavour Cooking School, where the guests started out with hors d’oeuvres.

Local women and a few daughters checked out the newest arrivals in clothing and shoes. M. Santana, owner and eponym of the clothing store, did the coaching of do’s and don’ts:Do pair trendy fashions with classic pieces. Don’t buy more than one pair of super-ornate jeans.

The fashion show starred five models who seemed perfectly at ease in front of a discerning crowd. Being eyed up and down, head to toe, can be disconcerting, but these women handled it in style.

The focus was on a more casually upscale approach to fashion. Lucite jewelry paired with high, chunky, open-toed sandals and a long flowing silhouette.

The purses are oversized, doing double duty as handbag and satchel. Large Jackie-O type sunglasses and a patterned baby-doll type top with farm-style jeans rolled up to show off your strappy sandals – more do’s for the coming season.

Nakia Wallace-Harrison of Chicago walks the runway at M. Santana on Sunday.

Brett Samuels of Oak Park walks the runway with attitude.