Joe Byrnes, model husband, gave Sandy, his wife, a bright new shiny birthday car! That’s car, not card. Sandy gave the car that she had to their grandson.

Here is Sadie, lovely friendly rescued dog who came to Forest Park from Katrina. Don’t know if her photo will make it, those things are decided by someone else. But Sadie is beautiful. She’s white with black spots, a dog of many breeds. Her mother was rescued from Katrina and immediately gave birth to five pups. All pups were placed in good homes.

The Youth Jazz Ensemble from Kagan & Gaines will be performing around the area this summer. You may have heard them at Summerfest. The musicians are Jim Goelitz, Bjorn Vogen, Justin Young, Alex Scaramuzza, Vero Belinson and Alejandro Ibarra. You’re doing a fine job, kids. Most adults wish they’d kept on practicing.

It was a very happy birthday for 1-year-old Jackson Ramirez who celebrated with family members and friends at Lincoln Park. Have you ever heard of Molly’s Cupcakes? If you eat one, you’ll never forget it. Remember the name: Molly’s Cupcakes. Jackson’s birthday cake was Molly Cupcakes for one and all.

Christina Respass underwent foot surgery Tuesday, July 6. She is heartbroken because she’ll be unable to walk her precious dog, Suzy Greenberg. Neighbors will help. She has good neighbors and she is a good neighbor.

It’s been a sad week around here, too. My dog, Callahan, suddenly became ill. He had to be carried home from his walk the other evening. Animals really break your heart. When sadness comes on a bright, sunny day it’s so much more painful. On a dark, rainy day, the whole world seems to be sad along with you, but when the sun is bright and all the world looks cheerful, it feels cruel.

Birthdays this week go all the way into the middle of July! Kimberly Jargstorf, Jeff Schultz, Beth Spinelli, Janet Oliver, David Collins, Julianna Grace Touhy, Rachel Stahlke, Mary Donnelly, Sam Bland, Lisa Faber, Bridget Marinier, Diane Bugajsky, Mapp Capponino, Tim Hauren, Fern Campbell, Jackie Vince Clifton, Augie Hegg, Vic Lentini, Keegan Brown, Lucy Kowalski, Adam Powers, Tyler Lipsi, Pegg Grams, Mike Martinski, Nick Martinski, Minnie Maxwell. Happy anniversary to John and Diane Rice and Jennifer and Mark Hosty. A very special happy birthday wish to Zeno Jacquat.

Editor’s note: Since Jackie filed this column, Callahan was given a diagnosis of viral laryngitis. He’s on medication and is recovering. Jackie’s doing a little better, too.