It’s hard to find an upside in this summer’s extreme weather. Heat. Rain. Floods. Mosquitoes.

Give us autumn.

But here’s the hometown high spot: The pool. No one really calls it the Aquatic Center, now, do they? But Forest Park’s amped-up pool with its flume slides and drop slides and sand play and “spray ground” and zero-depth entry for the little ones is a spectacular destination for people of all ages.

When the weather heats up and the humidity intensifies, the pool is clearly the spot. In a report to the park board last week Erin Parchert, the district’s rec superintendent, told commissioners the pool has already taken in nearly the same daily admission revenue as it did all of last summer.

The upturn in revenues does not necessarily lead to profits for the pool – think more chlorine, more hours for lifeguards, etc. But profits aren’t exactly the point.

The point is that of all the towns in the area, Forest Park has built a pool that gives kids a great place to go, to meet, to exercise. Our village gives families a place to gather. Forest Park gives serious swimmers a place to get in laps.

The pool is local, safe, affordable and fun.