[In September] I experienced Forest Park’s poor excuse for an Art Fair. It was obvious that professionals, that deal with putting on Art Fairs, was not used. I hope the Chamber of Commerce has learned that you need professionals like Roz to put on and coordinate this function. This is what these professionals do for a living.

Two years ago it was great.  What happened?  I cannot believe that a so called juried show, for which artists paid $25.00 and $250.00 for their space, would have retailers selling on the street and in front of their store. Since when do painted crab shells and live hermit crabs for sale qualify as high quality art? What a joke. As a professional artist myself, living in Forest Park, I was embarrassed by most of what was call Art for sale.  The chamber needs to see what good art fairs are like, hire professionals to stage the function, do it right, or drop it all together.

– Robert