I would like to thank Bob Sullivan for his two lovely tributes to my son, Jimmy. In July we marked the 10th anniversary of Jimmy’s death, and although my heart still aches for him, I can finally think of him and smile remembering the sensitivity and love he brought to my life. I am sure Mr. Sullivan had no way of knowing that my memory box of “Jimmyisms”, newspaper clippings and cards, photos and letters was lost in the recent flooding that struck Forest Park. It is so wonderful to have these articles to place into a new memory box.

I also had the delightful experience of attending a baseball game last Thursday evening that consisted of all of Jimmy’s old teammates. It seems as though they reunited in his memory, and that means so much to me. The team is still called Spillage, and I could hardly keep the tears from flowing when I saw that every one of them had Jimmy’s initials and his infamous number “9,” on the sleeve of their jersey. And so once again I am on the receiving end of those from the village with an enormous heart. Thank you for keeping Jimmy’s memory alive. One more time, my cup runneth over.

– Sue Giblin