This week we said good bye to two long-time, much loved and respected Forest Parkers, June Hull and Leonard Karlin.

June was one of the 1500 Marengo residents. That block had more kids, more friendly neighbors and more fun than any place around. Many of the old timers are gone now, they left quietly, one by one. Ed Huebner, Alice Conway, the Lambkes, now June. Lots of happy memories.

Leonard Karlin was a well-known character around town. Probably one of the smartest people ever to grace our streets. But he couldn’t stop talking if you asked him a question. To Leonard Karlin, no question had a simple answer. He practically took you back to the big bang theory just to arrive at an answer. A devout Jew, he and his wife Margaret, walked with their garden tools to the community garden on Saturdays. In those days, the community garden was along 16th Street. They lived on Adams. All of their children had biblical names: Abraham, Rachel, Judith, David and Benjamin. Shalom, peace to you.

Some other well-known former Forest Parkers who still love us and faithfully read the Review are Rich and Lou Cirrintano. The Cirrintanos were married at Saint Bernardine’s on Oct. 22, 1960. To celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, Rich, Lou, their sons, Anthony, Vince and Joseph, and wives, Josie, Robin and Rachelle and grandchildren Danielle, Tyler, Fabrizio and Rocco enjoyed a Caribbean cruise. July 31 through August 5. Congratulations Rich and Lucille Cirrintano!

It was a busy week at Saint Bernardine’s. Perhaps you noticed those kids in royal blue shirts as they did their walk-a-thon. The weather was perfect and the entire student body walked the 2.5 mile route around town. Local businesses who pledged $200 or more include Ed’s Way, Café DeLuca, DePaul University, Jankun Playhouse, Hayes Accounting, Deutsche Bank and Venzera Construction. The walk ended with a picnic lunch at our park.
On October 1st the St. B’s Brownie Troop 42072 delivered flyers to inform residents of the annual food drive. The food was picked up on Oct. 9 and then delivered to the Forest Park Food Pantry. Many residents brought their own food to the community center and Troop 42072 says thank you to all.
Sympathy to our dear neighbor, Dorothy Smith. Dorothy was always the busiest lady on the block until she was felled by a stroke about a year ago. Her beloved cat, Jasper, was a great consolation to her. But 20-year-old Jasper died last week leaving Dorothy devastated.

Birthdays this week: Bill Plumtree, Laura Hein, Barbara Sedlak, Nicholas Radkiewicz, Kim Dorner, John Rice, Anna Snyder, Patrick Sullivan, Jack Vainisi, Jim Murray, Laurie Kokenes, Jillian Dorney, Rich Barger, Pat Mullen and Hannah Fink. Happy anniversary to Carol and David Fagan.

Thank you for your time.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life’s other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side of Chicago in a great neighborhood when it was a great time to be young.