Under the supervision of Mark Hosty and Mike Curry, Forest Park’s Department of Public Health and Safety supported zoning variations given to Caffe DeLuca and Healy’s Westside.  The building department then allowed their improvements without room for exterior trash pickup. Both currently drag garbage across streets and past residential properties to offsite dumpsters. 

Recently Fiorenza Restorante requested similar zoning relief for like construction. The new Director of Public Health and Safety Steve Glinke recommended the zoning board also grant Fiorenza’s wishes. When citizens voiced
concerns about space, Glinke assured everyone that clearance exists to build an outdoor cooler and trash enclosure. Staff would “sit down” with the applicant to ensure approved plans detail a waste disposal area. Just like Caffe DeLuca and Healy’s Westside?

During the hearing Glinke responded to fears that the lack of adequate refuse containment will add to the rat problem. He said “we are having a horrendous year with rodent infestation in Forest Park, it’s terrible.” Glinke added that, on behalf of complaining residents and businesses, the village has sent out reminders to maintain proper refuse disposal. Just like the overflowing bins used by DeLuca and Healy’s? 

Earlier this year, Village Administrator Tim Gillian chose Fire Chief Glinke to restore respectability to a building department that suffered Hosty’s “Barney the
Builder,” Curry’s amnesia, Marani’s indoor waterfall, Gaetano’s floating addition and Team Blonde’s salon solution. By his own admission, Glinke is not a public health and safety professional.

As the “Year of the Drones” ends, the village has launched another political drone to mask the embarrassing leadership of Hosty, Curry and “The Boyle.” Our health and safety will be the collateral damage. 

-Tony Sarley