A Forest Park man who contacted police after his ex-girlfriend allegedly beat him repeatedly on the night of April 14 at his home on the 1100 block of Hannah Avenue was arrested after authorities learned he had an arrest warrant.

Twenty-two-year-old Paul Alvarado told responding officers that his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Castillo, 22, of Cicero, struck him multiple times in response to an argument over an X-Box account and video games.

A police report states that Castillo’s first slap to Alvarado’s face caused a laceration. The report then quotes Alvarado as describing Castillo’s behavior as “going wild,” when she struck him several more times and caused red marks and another laceration on his lips.

Police documented Alvarado’s injuries by taking digital photos, but during the investigation into the matter, the reporting officer discovered that Alvarado was wanted by the Berwyn Police Department for failure to appear at a hearing related to a charge of disorderly conduct.

Alvarado signed complaints against Castillo but was arrested because of the warrant. Castillo was not at the scene, and is wanted by the police for domestic battery. 


Beer-guzzling man nabbed for threats, trespassing

Police arrested a Stone Park man who was reportedly acting belligerent and threatening patrons outside the CVS, 7216 Circle Ave., on the night of April 10.

Sixty-six-year-old Nicholas Petij reportedly loitered outside the local CVS and drank beer as he harassed store patrons until police were called. At one point he allegedly threatened a man’s life, according to a police report.

When authorities arrived, Petij slurred curses at them and refused to acknowledge requests for his identification; then a man who Petij threatened agreed to sign complaints against him. At this point, officers began to physically struggle with Petij in order to place him under arrest.

Petij was eventually apprehended and taken to headquarters where he was charged with criminal trespassing and resisting arrest.


El rider arrested

Cederick Young, 36, of Chicago, was arrested when he became aggressive with a CTA employee on the Desplaines Avenue Blue Line platform early May 10. 

According to a police report, the employee became involved in an argument with Young when he refused to purchase another ticket after arriving at the Desplaines stop highly intoxicated. Desplaines is the end of the train line and Young had to buy another ticket.

At one point Young threw his hands in the air  in a “boxing position” and the employee became concerned for his safety so he handcuffed Young.

When police arrived, the employee signed complaints against Young and the suspect was taken to the station where he was processed for simple assault and criminal trespassing.


Driver with weed never had a license

Police stopped a Chicago woman who was driving a car with plates registered to another vehicle on the 1100 block of Harlem Avenue early May 12.

Dominica Jackson, 26, was unable to produce her driver’s license or her insurance card when the reporting officer asked for it. What’s more, a computer check of her name showed no record of her ever possessing a license.

Jackson was ordered out of the car and placed in custody. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed a small bag that contained an unspecified amount of marijuana.

Jackson was taken to the station where she was charged with a cannabis control offense, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, not having registration, improper use of registration and not having a valid driver’s license.


Traffic stop leads to arrests

A Cicero teen and a Berwyn man were arrested on the night of May 14 for cannabis possession after an officer stopped them for a traffic violation at Harlem Avenue and Roosevelt Road and discovered marijuana in the car.

The driver, 19-year-old Robert Dominguez-Evans, of Cicero, was pulled over for a traffic violation, but once the officer approached the car, he reportedly detected a “strong odor of cannabis.”

The driver was ordered out of the car and after the officer searched him a hand-rolled cigarette, containing .5 grams of marijuana, was discovered. Another suspect, passenger Dustin Huebner, 21, of Berwyn had 5 grams of marijuana on him. 

The two were arrested and charged with cannabis control offenses. Dominguez-Evans was also charged with a seatbelt violation. Another passenger, who is the owner of the vehicle, was released from the scene, but was cited for a seatbelt violation as well.

  These items were taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department between May 9 and May 15, and represent only a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not been adjudicated.

-Compiled by Nick Moroni


Tip hotline

Anyone with information regarding the cases mentioned in this report, or on another matter, is encouraged
to contact the Forest Park police department’s hotline at 708-615-6239. Information may be left anonymously.