Sal Ferrara II, former president and CEO of Ferrara Pan Candy Co., was asked by Forest Park police to leave the company’s headquarters at 7301 Harrison St. on May 11, after he called authorities to complain that a security detail of off-duty Chicago police officers would not let him on the premises.

Det. Jarlath Heveran told the Forest Park Review that Ferrara had returned from a company meeting in Chicago where he was reportedly voted off the company’s board by other members. Ferrara then returned to Forest Park and attempted to enter the company’s headquarters but was denied access by security hired by newly elected President Jim Buffardi, the company’s former treasurer, Heveran said.

“The building was secured by off-duty Chicago police officers who were employed by the Buffardi regime to keep all the old administration out,” Heveran said.

The detective happened to be patrolling the area on Harrison Street when he heard dispatch announce that Ferrara had contacted Forest Park police.

“I think it was a shock to him [being denied access] so he called the police,” Heveran said.

Deputy Chief Tom Aftanas called the event a “non-issue,” and Heveran said that Ferrara acted “professional” and “orderly” while Forest Park officers were on the scene.¬†

“He was told that he was not going to be allowed to re-enter the building, and that he would be better off if he just left,” Aftanas said.

Both Heveran and Aftanas also said that no report was made to document the incident.

“There was no police action … our role was to simply keep the peace,”

Details on the company’s shake-up are not entirely clear at this point. Calls to Buffardi, Ferrara and to Ferrara Pan Executive Assistant Mary Gosmire were not immediately returned.