The Forest Park Review announces a bold, stylish section celebrating the wonderfully diverse shops that make Forest Park fashion destinations. Fall Fashion, a spectacular broadsheet section running in the Sept. 14 issue of the Review, will feature fashions from local shops, local models and local photo shoots.

Fall Fashion was conceived and orchestrated by our passionate shopping and fashion blogger, Christina Pippin, with photography by our award-winning Photo Editor, J. Geil.
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Today, we start with Fall Fashion Forward, a two-week Fashion shopping spree contest leading up to the Sept. 14 Fall Fashion section. Readers can sign up to receive our new email updates for a chance to win a grand prize $500 shopping spree at local boutiques and salons. Several $100 and $50 prizes from participating shops, will be awarded to additional winners.

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Fall Fashion Forward participating businesses: Fly Bird; Camille et Famille; Filoni; Pamela Penney Textile Arts; Spex; Salon 212; Nora’s Shoe Shop; deedee & edee; CarefulPeach Boutique; Oak Park Jewelers; Bramble; The Jewelry Studio & The Golden Hatpin; Muse; Baubo’s Garden; Majamas Boutique; Sanem’s; Ananas; Ten Thousand Villages; Chameleon Clothing;Trends; Fashions Anew; York Furrier; Craig’s Shoes; Takara’s; Croix; Shoe Soko