Field-Stevenson Intermediate School hosted its first-ever “Shark Olympics” last Thursday as a kickoff to spring break and a special reward to students for exemplary behavior under the new Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) system.

“This is what I mean when I say these are really amazing kids and teachers,” said Principal Robert “Mr. G.” Giovannoni as the school cheered on their classmates accompanied by Olympian music.

Teachers, dressed in makeshift togas and laurel wreaths, orchestrated the games, which included “javelin” tosses with pool noodles, bouncing table tennis balls into cups, mini-basketball shooting, a 50-foot dash across the gym with a mini-basketball squeezed between students’ knees, and a “swimming” competition on wheeled scooters.

The students, clustered on the gym floor by classroom, held up signs and screamed in excitement. Seventy-two children were awarded gold, silver or bronze “medals” on red-white-and-blue ribbons to take home.

Javelin gold medalist winners were: Yessica Garcia, fifth grade; Johnny Mondragon, fourth grade; and Jah Allene, third grade. Table Tennis winners were: Brandon Welch, fifth; Keegan Brown, fourth; and Henry Wagner, third. Basketball shootout winners were: Eric Wade, third; Olivia Remington, fourth; and Christian Harper, fifth. Fifty-yard dash winners were: Bella Davis, third; Bryant Boyd, fourth; and Soranno, fifth. The relay winners were: Ms. Schreiner’s third-grade class, Remy, Emoni, Gloria and Lemyhglen; Ms.Uhlmann’s fourth-grade class, Michael Giddens, Raechel Lopez, Maria Ramirex, and Letrell Mason and Mr. Becker’s fifth-grade class, Sumeja Hodzic, Josh Farley, Destiny Chambers and Kyon Pitts.

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