Now comes word that Fenwick High School may be about to finally put an offer on the table to buy the largest chunk of the village-owned acreage at the Altenheim. The Oak Park school wants the site for athletic fields and perhaps an actual stadium.

We’re gratified that the initial reaction of village officials is that they will move ahead with a planned survey of all residents asking for overdue input on what they want to see on this unique parcel of land. Together with the coming Comprehensive Plan process, it is time to rethink the options for the only open space left unclaimed and undeveloped in the village.

At a recent town hall, the admittedly unscientific cross-section of residents seemed unenthused and concerned about a football stadium being the primary use of this land.

The village has sat on this parcel for a decade, protecting its future. Let Fenwick wait. We think there is a higher and better use for the Altenheim property and that the coming survey will confirm that most Forest Parkers agree.