When a short-handed St.Giles squad visited the Forest Park varsity on Saturday June 2nd, the home team lent them some players to fill out their line-up. The first half was a struggle for Forest Park as the St. Giles goalie wasnft letting anything in and his confidence grew with every save.

Meanwhile, his teammates scored three goals with some fast breaks and sharp shooting. Forest Park finally found the goal in the second half with a nice shot by Jack Hosty shrinking the lead to two. St. Giles came back with a quick goal to stay in front. Gabino Castro scored at the end to finish Forest Park 5-1.

St. Giles and Forest Park have had a long friendly rivalry, President John Hosty said. He was proud of the home team because twelve of the varsity players have been playing soccer together since they were four years old. James Brod, Colin Carlson, Paris Cowan, Trevor Evitt, Genna Foster, Kirstin Hofmann, Jasmine Hoskins, Jack Hosty, Garen Hudson, Dillon McMahon, Alex Miceli and Maeve Roach have played the equivalent of twenty seasons together. “I think it’s a tribute to these kids and this community,” Hosty said.

Photos by Michael Racanelli