A storm swept through Forest Park on Sunday around 1 p.m. with very little warning, bringing 90 mph winds, sheets of rain and aspirin-sized hailstones.

The storm’s aftermath knocked down limbs and entire trees all around town, including in the 1100 block of Hannah, 200 block of Desplaines, 400 block of Elgin, 500 block of Circle avenues and the 7600 block of Wilcox Street.

Forest Park Public Works Department employees were out immediately, removing broken boughs and branches with chainsaws and clearing streets with small bulldozers and dump trucks.

Power was lost sporadically throughout town, but no major transformer damage was reported. During the storm, temperatures dropped from the mid-90s to the mid-60s, according to the National Weather Service, only to bob back up into the 90s as the sun returned.

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