Patrons of Schauer’s Hardware will be pleased to see Jessica Josetti shortly after she became a Mrs. Jessica was married to Henry Leonard on Saturday, Sept. 15. A special guest was her former co-worker, Don Webster. Remember Don? The enterprising young bride had her wedding cake made by a friend who is studying pastry making at Triton. Since the wedding was to be a black-and-white affair, Jessica herself spray-painted wine bottles black, sprinkled glitter all over them, and filled them with black paper flowers. Beautiful!

On Sunday, Sept. 23 at 4 p.m., St. John Lutheran Church will host the Gaudette Brass Quintet. These outstanding musicians will perform commissioned new works as well as music from periods as far back as the Renaissance. The group has been featured on concert series, radio broadcasts and has performed at universities throughout the country. Stick with those Lutherans for good music. In case you are new in the area, St. John is located at 305 Circle Ave.

Happy 32nd wedding anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Brigio and Nancy Millar.

A few people have asked me what I think about the teachers strike in Chicago since I taught there for about 32 years. There are as many answers to this problem as there are people involved. As to the solution of principals being allowed to hire and fire their own teachers, let me relate a few stories of principals I have known. One was a fundamentalist religious crackpot who had been removed from a previous school. Our school had been quiet, achieving, almost boring. Reading scores were above average, teachers and parents enjoyed a great rapport. It was idyllic.

Our wonderful principal retired and they sent us this nut. Every time he talked, Hitler and Jesus Christ got into the mix. This was a public school. At one primary Easter assembly he shouted, “Jesus Christ could have had a Cadillac, but He chose the cross!” With a quizzical look, one of my first-graders asked, “Did they have Cadillacs when Jesus was alive?”

Another winning principal was a thief who was actually bounced from the system. She accused everyone of taking money, but it turned out she was the taker, including computers, bird’s-eye maple kindergarten furniture, and on and on. Don’t misunderstand, I have known principals who worked side by side with us and did their best to make life and learning a reality and a joy. Fortunately there were more of them than the weirdos.

Happy birthday wishes to Dan Lala, Samantha Grams, Elsa Katlic, Kathy Thompson, Brendan Miranda, Maria Walsch, Nick Novak, Josiah Abraham, Christina Respass, Gigi Alfano, VanEsta Harris, Rochel Riske, Joseph Peterson, Gene Fletcher, Pete Thiesse, and Bishoy Saleeb.

Happy anniversary wishes to Dan and Donna Danielson, Tony and Jackie Cardamone, Frank and Loudine Romano, Sandy and Joe Byrnes, Marge and Al Buccholtz.

Happy New Year – L’shana tova!