Holiday Tunes: James Robinson-Parran performed in the lobby of the Forest Park National Bank.

Well, it’s over for another year. Hope yours went well with families, old friends, etc. The New Year is upon us and we’re off!

Did you get over to the Forest Park National Bank during the holiday? That Christmas tree, village and super train set never cease to amaze. This year, along with the village and train, patrons could enjoy the musical renditions of composer, pianist, tenor James Robinson-Parran. This is Mr. Robinson-Parran’s sixth year performing at the bank. The angel artwork added even more Christmas spirit to the surroundings.

Compliments to the merchants and the village for the extra festive look of Madison Street this year. Did you know Shanahan’s Le Maison de Bon Bon is having a 60% off sale on selected items all week? Radana Shanahan and her friend Alex Sila are pleased about holiday sales and are happy to make the offer. I think their famous French Creams are tastier than those old Frango Mints at Marshall Field’s (Macy’s). Speaking of Field’s, there is an active group working for the return of Marshall Field’s to Chicago. A recent survey of about 500 people taken outside the State Street store showed that 78 percent of those surveyed would like to see Field’s return.

Some belated news: Labeat Rrhamani was a guest at the White House during Thanksgiving. He’s the son of Vildana and Tefik. Details when I get them.

The Hellenic Museum in Greek Town will hold a retrial of Socrates on Jan. 31. Two famous Chicago legal names involved in the trial are prosecutors Dan Webb and Patrick Fitzgerald. Tickets are a bit steep, but worth it.

Birthdays include: Amy Hochheimer, Rich Gray, Carol O’Donnell, Rita Trage, Caitlin Miller, Vic Bisluk, Jenni Jargstorf, Renee Rausch, Alice and Lara Mellin, Lou Moran, Ian Hoffman, Tom Kloess, Jean Lotus, Mark Skorda, Danielle Watson, Christine Malone, Joan Huynh, Deb Harris, Lynn Karavitas, David Leehey, Mike Marcantonio, Ashley Breseman, Michael Huttner, April Kutak, JulianeVincenza, Emily Garrity, Paul Nelson, the Baum twins Urban and Luke (two years old this year), former mayor Fred Marunde, David Thornton, and happy birthday to you , if we missed you. Happy anniversary to Mark and Amy Vaboraik.

P.S. John Rice’s recent column about grammar, spelling, etc. really hit home. Lemme get my 2 cents in here (another clichĂ©): A grammatical error that’s been annoying me the last few years is the creeping in of a totally incorrect way of expressing graduation. You graduate from college, law school, etc.

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