Lorenzo Williams

You missed a great party if you didn’t get to the New Year’s Eve fest at the Community Center. Everyone seemed to be in a party mood ready to sing, dance, eat and eat some more. The young people who served and took care of us seniors were more than gracious. Lorenzo Williams put on a good show with his tutu and dancing with the ladies, bowing, dipping and just showing us old girls a great time. Lorenzo’s special dancing partner was Alice Rose. Lorenzo is a student at Triton right now so we don’t know if he has plans for professional dancing in his future.

Doing the waiting and serving were Karen Dylewski, Brenda Powers, Bridget Dowdle, Diana Dylewski, Jessica Dylewski, Meghan Dowdle, Nikki Petrey, Saran Kane, Alexa Stisevic, Kendrick Jones, Zack Shorner, Dylan Ryan, Brian Powers, Clara Malone, Rich Barger, Matt Dowdle, Steve Knysch. A big loud “Thank You!” from everyone.

Terry Meffley, a year-round hard worker at the center, is seen talking with her friend Annette Johnson.

The Ottos, Stefan and Teresia, were enjoying their 75th New Year celebration together. This year will mark the Ottos’ 76th wedding anniversary!

Eleanor Konkowski was in a lively mood. She always reads the “Review” but has never seen her picture here. So here goes, Eleanor, start off 2013 with your face smiling at all your Forest Park friends.

Nick Capoletti thinks our schools would have fewer problems if they taught religion. His table companions left that one alone and went on eating.

Lake Forest College student Shasha Liu is spending the spring 2013 semester studying off-campus in Chicago with the Lake Forest in the Loop Program.

Our condolences go out to Eric Connor on the loss of his father, Dr. Arthur Connor of Palos Park.

Here is a good news flash from a reliable source: Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is moving into Oak Park next to the Lake Theatre.

Happy birthday to Danielle Riske, Phil Bohnert, Brianna Dodge, Tyler Daniel, Kirsten Bjornson, Mary Gallela, Victoria Burdett, Linda Bursey, Nancy Blum, Ryan Farrell, Ellen Krupa. Mary Fabbrini, John Gillian, Timothy Lane, Sean Goodman, Sue Bracker, Erika Goodman, Raj Hirandandi, Mary Virginia Sedlack, Kal Scollard, James Nackely, Holly Ann Fjelstad, Colleen Nee, Elyse O’Connell, Eunice Blazek, Tom Dazek, Bob Kurash, Judy Baar Topinka, Caroline Rose Glinke, Martha Lichtenberg, Joan Steinbach, Margaret Flanagan, Daniel Mondragon, Lauren Pardun, Janet Fabiani and Marge Zwadlo.

Jackie Schulz

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...