Well, that was humiliating.

I wonder if our neighbors to the east and north are so dumbfounded at our public ignorance, poor behavior, insane behavior, craven electeds, and dark site electeds that they will choose anywhere but our charming village for their St. Patrick’s Day festivities. http://www.oakpark.com/News/Articles/1-22-2013/Meet-Chris-Welch/#Comment-c003362a5b4a528e23852c6947596f7f


We were descended upon by nuts, trolls and cheaters – and that’s just the electeds. An army of public employees, partners and minions posted ad nauseum from the Cheat Sheet for Dummies as self-appointed truth tellers, not ready for prime time attorneys, dubious bible experts, soul inspectors, race conspirators, ranters, preachers, babblers – while completely misplacing the good sense God gave them. Incredibly, much of the invasion was recorded: http://youtu.be/SESI19h4wDo

A Proviso/Leyden third rail was stepped on this week, and it wasn’t about the owners’ deep commitment to ex-offenders, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.©  It might not really be about Welch, who could be a “perceived as real” irritating fly in their ointment – right out of the box. Down low is always the preferred MO for the owners, if not their monkeys. http://www.forestparkreview.com/News/Articles/1-17-2013/Forest-Park-state-rep.-Chris-Welch-hires-convicted-felon-for-part_time-office-manager/#Comment-5110b5149a7b3e30ce275309d15e9efd

Jeez, why didn’t Welch just send a letter to Everyone on his new taxpayer funded stationary? That’s what our leader does it when his argument gets poopoo’d by his constituents.

Forest Park has no high school, no sewer system, no plan for a sewer system, no proper leadership, and, apparently, no class or moral compass. Our leaders partner and mimic the vast wasteland of Proviso Township, mining for personal nuggets. They, apparently, will do anything to get the ruby slippers.

Forest Park is a documented destination for unattached Youngs and limited Olds (CMAP Report – check it out, as it is the basis for our new comprehensive plan: http://forestpark.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=31&meta_id=1517

After this vicious display of ubi est mea, I’m guessing onlookers won’t be eager to add to the proportion of families here, as Forest Park seems too mean and too desperate a place to bring children and other sensitive creatures. After this week, I doubt there are many locals proud to call Forest Park their home.

It does not have to be this way. Most Forest Parkers do not want the Wicked Witch as our guiding light and we loath the Flying Monkeys. Hell, we’d probably settle for a Failed Wizard but we don’t even have that.

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