Going on five years now, you have been instrumental in helping the less fortunate in our village by donating food so they could put a meal on the table in their times of greatest need.

My friends and I have collected the food you so faithfully have put on front porch whenever we have asked. We, together with our recipients and the Food Pantry staff extend our sincere thanks.

Many local businesses have joined in this collective effort. Ed’s Way, Blue Max & Schauer Hardware have collection boxes within their stores year round. In memory of Wayne Schauer the popcorn machine pops all day on Saturday with the donations going to the food pantry. H & R Auto Repair has joined in with a collection box for an easy drop off in their area. Skrine Restaurant offers Bread & Soup Night every third Wednesday of each month. You decided the cost and Skrine donates that to the Food Pantry. St. John Lutheran Church collects the third Sunday of each month for the Food Pantry.

As long as you are willing and able to donate we will continue our monthly food drives throughout the village.

-Your neighbors, Rose, Jan and Marie