A ton of questions are coming in regarding video gaming, which is on the ballot for our April 9 election.

Here’s the wording of the referendum: 


So, if you wish to keep the ban on video gaming, vote YES. If you wish to allow video gaming, vote NO.

Most of the questions were triggered from the ‘Vote No’ palm cards distributed during the St. Paddy’s Day parade. Those cards were sooo vague that folks had no idea what the issue was. Hey, bar owners & vendors, you can do better than that.

A few thoughts:

1)  What a waste of time this all is, not counting the $2500 junk letter. We have a non-binding referendum on a complex issue w/no education from the folks who made this issue a referendum. For months the mayor has promised edu-forums but, alas, the election is three weeks away and he hasn’t delivered. Again.

2)  I’ll listen to the pro-gamblers, if they ever decide to make their case, but I think the whole deal pushes Forest Park closer to Pottersville. We have no high school and no electeds who can govern.

3) Importantly, our bars are uniquely and highly concentrated AND just next door to residential areas.

One residential street, in particular, has a HUGE and chronic collection of dog poop tossed there by an elected. Perhaps it goes down the sewer in the summer, but in the winter it piles up and freezes/thaws/freezes. Eeesh – you should see it when the snow plow comes along and smushes it all the way down the street. Stay on the sidewalks y’all – this is a big dog! 

4) I’d like to offer the idea that prostitution be made available on Industrial Drive because we want more tax revenues! Meh, don’t bother me with legal/schmegal – this is Forest Park. And I want lap dancing super-duper taxed.

Some feel that the referendum language is confusing but if one reads the wording, they’ll know how to vote.

The language was voted on by the village council on 1/22/13: “It was moved by Commissioner Mannix and seconded by Commissioner Harris to amend the language of the proposed Resolution by adding the words “continue to” to the sentence “Should video gaming be prohibited in the Village of Forest Park?” so the sentence will read “Should video gaming continue to be prohibited in the Village of Forest Park?”

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