I am writing to you because yesterday my dad, yet again, helped me realize just what CAAEL really is. As his daughter, I tend to think that CAAEL is John Martin. But through his recent reflections and musings, no doubt sparked by the recent media attention, he’s reminded all of us that that’s not true. He has helped me and my sister and my husband and my mom once again come to know at a visceral level that CAAEL is so much more than one man.

My dad keeps reminding us that:

  • CAAEL is the teachers, the coaches, and the administrators who live and breathe CAAEL every day. That they are the ones who use CAAEL to keep their kids motivated to come to school and stay in school, to develop better social skills and healthier self-images.
  • CAAEL is the board members who selflessly volunteer their time to help with fundraisers and run various events.
  • CAAEL is the businesses and individuals who have supported us over the years

Regarding the Annual Basketball Tournaments, he keeps reminding us that:

  • CAAEL is the hundreds of volunteers who take ownership of the event. People, some new and some who have been doing so for over 30 years, give up their weekend to make the CAAEL Tournament a success.
  • CAAEL is the families who bring their kids, and then grandkids, every year to the tournament to volunteer

And my dad keeps reminding us that CAAEL is the students who choose to make the changes they need to make in order to participate in what’s offered. Students who participate with such great enthusiasm and astonishing sportsmanship.

My dad reminds us that John Martin as CAAEL is simply one person providing the venue for all this generosity, commitment, and tradition to continue.

So thank you so much for taking the time to really understand what CAAEL is and what CAAEL has been doing for over three decades.

Sarah Martin Lorenzi

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