Serving on an elementary school board is hard – really hard. Homework is steep, parents and teachers are rightly demanding, the stakes could hardly be higher, and it’s not sexy at all.

Predictably, folks with fancy political aspirations rarely seek out school board seats. Except this year, in this village. Heads up, y’all.

As teachers are the heartful core of every school, let’s see who our Forest Park Teachers Association has endorsed:

√  Mary Win Connor (6 year incumbent)

√  Eric Connor (educational passion ignited by immersion, via his wife, Mary Win)

√  Mike O’Connor (father of three D91 kids, detective on FPPD)

√  Rafael Rosa (previous D91 board member)

D91 has four open board seats and six candidates. Also running are Brad Keefner and Brian Moritz, neither of whom have demonstrated any previous interest in our grade schools.

Brad Keefner is a two year resident and old friend of Tom Mannix and attended his first D91 Board meeting on March 14, 2013.  Brian Mortitz is a long time resident and the husband of our Village Clerk, Vanessa Moritz, who is running for a Triton College board seat. Brian Mortitz has attended no school board meetings, could not attend this week’s Candidates Forum and has not confirmed to attend the March 30 Forums and, apparently, has not even submitted a photo of himself to the Review.

The curious back story. Back in December, Village Commish Tom Mannix offered Keefner, Moritz and O’Connor his 1) expertise filling out their candidate petitions so they couldn’t be challenged, 2) energy helping garner signatures of registered voters and 3) time, by filing the petitions w/David Orr’s office. After the filing deadline, Mannix questioned a D91 administrator if all six candidate petitions had been bound correctly (an apparent family fetish.) What the heck, right?

Now that you’re curious, here’s the detail of the candidate petitions.


Total Signatures

Petition Circulators/# of signatures




Rafael Rosa


Rafael Rosa=64

Eric Connor


Eric Connor=52

Alexandra Rueda=7

Mary Win Connor


Mary Win Connor=18

Rachel Entler=6

Rory Hoskins=19

Karen Dylewski=16

Michael O’Connor


Michael O’Connor=51

Tom Mannix=48

Amy Rita=7

Thomas B Keefner


Tom Mannix=50

Amy Rita=12

Brian Mortitz


Tom Mannix=58

Amy Rita=7




Bottom line: neither Brad Keefner nor Brian Moritz circulated ANY of their own petitions, but instead delegated, if that’s the correct term, that chore to Tom Mannix and Amy Rita (Forest Park PAC administrator, Police & Fire Commission board appointee, publisher of The Post.)

And some person, whose printing looks just like Tom Mannix’, filled out their filing forms so these two passionate candidates only had to sign them. Utter sloth.

This is puppetry, not public service.

One candidate yabbers about ‘public service’ in public but cannot be bothered to gather 50 freaking signatures from registered voters? Whenever do you intend to meet your neighbors, Brad, and ask them for their votes? He spent Tuesday night telling Forum attendees that Everything needs to improve, but had no original ideas. 

Brian Mortitz couldn’t work up the energy to gather 50 names either, he pronounced at the R Place petition signing event that he “hates reading” (which he most certainly should not share w/the students he hopes to direct) and has not shown his face in public this election.

Let’s treat this as the not-funny joke it is, and vote accordingly.

Not In Our Schools! Vote Smart, Vote April 9.

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