Good for Mayor Calderone for speaking out on sleazy, underhanded media practices. The mayor devoted his full page in the bi-monthly Forest Park Post, warning us to be vigilant and question all news media  – especially internet sources.

The timing was the tell. The Review broke the Commish Tom Mannix/Truth Squad story on March 7 and we received his warning in the Post a week and a half later.

The mayor didn’t name names but he made his point quite clear. I think we can all appreciate the conflict involved in calling out a loyalist elected colleague who is now indelibly linked to dark side political shenanigans. Ick – like nasty ‘used’ gum stuck to your shoe.  I’ll bet a few bucks that the bizarre Truth Squad attack on D91 Superintendent Cavallo crossed the line and forced the mayor to speak out.

Yes, I give Tony Calderone a hard time, much of the time, but credit where credit is due.


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