Grant-White 5th grader Kurt Palmer is School Citizen of the Year.Courtesy LESTER NIXON

A friend celebrated her birthday last week-end with her son and daughter-in-law who came up from the Springfield area. I think they are still trying to get back. As of this morning (March 25th), about 10 more inches of snow were predicted for that part of Illinois.

Get well wishes to Gary Fink, son-in-law of May Bill. Gary broke his arm but suffered serious after effects. So naturally May went out to Prairie Grove to help out. Gary didn’t seem to be recovering very fast so Janet Fink has taken a leave of absence from teaching to care for her husband. It seems to be turning into a long slow process, but with Janet looking after him, Gary is sure to make a full recovery.

Congratulations to Grant White Middle School student, fifth-grader Kurt Palmer. Kurt was honored as SCOTY School Citizen of the Year at a banquet sponsored by West 40. Uncle Lester Nixon is very proud.

Forest Park author/cartoonist/poet Tom Gorman’s recently published book “Platitudes” will soon be available on the shelves of the Forest park Library. Tom was with Light Quarterly, a recently defunct poetry magazine edited by the late John Mella. Just look it over, it’s whimsy, humor and just artistic doodles. Hope you enjoy it.

Congratulations to the brave candidates who showed up at the Middle School last week. Wise advice is “showing up is 90 percent of success.” There is something exciting about looking at and listening to the candidates. So much communication is electronic, impersonal one dimensional these days.

I am impressed with the quality of our candidates today. We even have a Cornell graduate in our midst. One candidate for the school board is with the Cook County Public Guardian’s office, has a J.D. degree, (that’s law), another attended the U of C Lab School for high school and IIT. Another is a vice president of Education at Peggy Notebaert Museum and a graduate of Cornell. The Park Board candidates, John Doss, Sam Alonzo and Matt Walsh all showed up and gave excellent presentations.

Be aware of the wording on the video gambling issue. If you do not want video gambling ,vote “YES.” Seems strange, but that’s how the proposition is worded. If you want to allow video gambling, vote “NO.”

Gardeners were thinking ahead to spring Sunday at St. John when the Forest Park Community Garden sponsored its annual “Seed Swap.” Lots of fruit and veggie seeds were available, said Garden Director Jessica Rinks. “Mr. Brown Thumb” a Chicago urban gardening blogger gave a presentation about starting your garden treasures from seed.

On April 10th, Wednesday at noon, there will be a special lunchtime signing with William Ken Krueger of his book Ordinary Grace. If you are familiar with this author, please note this is NOT a Cork O’Connor book. Since this is a noon program on a Wednesday, you may want to make a reservation.

Next candidates presentations will be this Saturday March 30 at 9:30 a.m. at First United Church, 1000 S. Elgin Ave. Candidates for District 91 school board and the park district will make a repeat performance.

The Elvesund Sons of Norway Lodge #55593 invite you to the “God Paske, Happy Easter” celebration on March 24 at 3 p.m. The meeting place is St. Michael’s Church, 500 E. 31st Street, LaGrange Park. There will be a program on old Norwegian Churches. You are encouraged to bring something made of eggs, deviled pickled, salad, or whatever. Or even a dessert, not necessarily made of eggs.

Happy birthday to end-of-March birthday celebrants: Lisa Bothie, Jim Whalen, Sherry Maughm, Frank Pyotyr, Kathryn Greskoviak, Shirley Zapfel, Delores Petersohn, Grant Harrison Wojtas, Patrick White, Rosetta Hall, Geri Grant, JoAnn Grant, Debbie Scolaro, Marcy Dufkis Gleason, Horacio Munoz, Debbie Jargstorf, LaBelle Jones. Happy Anniversary to Erin and Jim Watts.

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