Forest Park homes then and now.

Do you own an old home? Do you wonder about its history and previous owners?

Join the Historical Society of Forest Park for Your Old House 101 preservation workshop Sunday, May 19 at 4 p.m.

Get tips and resources to research and restore your vintage building without spending a forutune. Presented by Bob Cox, lifetime Historical Society member, old house owner and preservationist.

Please join us and participate in sharing ideas on old home design, style and maintenance for
your 21st Century lifestyles. Let’s demystify owning a vintage home or building. Find out how
to research: How old is my home? How much will it cost to fix up? Discover useful books and
links for your research. When you pay $10 for this workshop, you can become a member of
FPHS for only $15.00!

Please bring your house photos.

Historical Society of Forest Park, St. Peter’s Church, 500 Hannah Ave. Forest Park. 

Please reserve your place today. Call 708-232-3747 or email