The sun finally shone on the soccer field, as the Division 1 Tigers took on the white-clad Leprechauns. The game was dominated by the team in red, as the Tigers triumphed 4-0. Ryan Agozo did a victory dance after scoring his first goal of the season. Madelyn Entler, daughter of the Tiger’s coach, Rachell Entler, also found the back of the net. “I was so surprised I scored that goal today,” Madelyn said after the game. Curtis Horras also had a fine day on the field scoring twice.

The Tigers played suffocating defense, with brothers Joshua and Elijah Robinson defending the goal, kicking the ball to the side when it came their way. Leprechaun Drew Patel came closest to scoring, while his teammate Daniel Martinez was a standout on defense.

Both Leprechaun Coach Paul Daley and Entler did a great job of rotating their players. They gave each player a chance at every position. They also made sure their players were well-hydrated on such a warm day.  Both teams kept the referees busy whistling handballs.

So far, the Forest Park Youth Soccer Association spring season is off to a great start. New President Jamie Johnson said they have 130 kids signed up in four divisions. They range in age from three year olds to eighth graders. The league started a new program in 2012 for 3-4 year olds called Little Kickers.


“Little Kickers has been a huge success for us,” Johnson said, “This year we have over 30 kids in this division.” Little Kickers is a six-week program that runs in the spring and the fall. “It’s fun and fast-paced,” Johnson said, “It focuses on increasing balancing skills, coordination and fundamental soccer skills.” Coaches utilize creative games to help their players develop listening skills, cooperation and teamwork. “We really enjoy seeing the smiles on the Little Kickers’ faces.”

FPYSA remains a volunteer organization, where the motto has always been, “Every Kid Plays.” Division 1 is for kids seven and under; Division 2 is for nine and under and Division 3 is for 11 and under.  The Varisty Team features players 14 and under. Former President John Hosty is now VP and there are seven board members in all. The league’s website is and it can also be found on Facebook. 

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