Tyler Mclaurin is one tough cookie. He was injured in the first half of his game against the Blue Thunder of Elmwood Park Saturday. After he was helped off the field, he rested a few minutes before getting back in the game. Tyler then scored the only goal for his team, The Crazy Coaches. But it wasn’t enough as his Division 2 team fell 2-1.

The game was played on Saturday under chilly gray skies. Several times during the game the refs had to tell the players to tie their shoes. At one point, they blew their whistles and told every player to make sure their shoes were tied.

Meanwhile, Donavan Marable played outstanding defense but couldn’t keep the Blue Thunder’s Joe Scheidt from scoring their first goal. Forest Park’s goalie Ta’Jonn Johnson only allowed one more goal. Elmwood Park also played good defense. Goalie Jacob Ocon and defender Leo Landa made it very difficult to score. The Blue Thunder team is coached by Steve Olson, while Forest Park’s crazy coaches are also known as Will and Matt Walsh.  

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