It is very clear to me that the Review’s reporting of the incident that took place on May 31st in the Maywood community [Last-day fight at Proviso East involved 300 students, 10 arrested, June 5,], is a continued attempt to scar the reputation of Proviso East students and its Leadership by the Forest Park Review.

In your article, you report that you were told by the Sheriff’s department that the incident did not occur at Proviso East. In fact, Proviso East staff nor their security had jurisdiction in the location where the incident started, yet you continue to report that it happened at Proviso East! In addition, the video that you use with the female student is clearly recorded on 11th and Madison, 1 mile from Proviso East, yet you position it to readers that it’s happening at Proviso East.

I am beginning to believe the only way your newspaper can get folks to read it is by creating stories that do not contain the total truth. Where is the integrity in your reporting? In fact, this kind of reporting is consistent with what happens in most predominantly African American communities and schools. I challenge you to spend as much time reporting all of the SUCCESSES that my former High School has as well as the TRUE failures.

Our community will no longer be quiet on these issues, and we plan to begin holding your newspaper accountable for how it portrays Proviso East to your readers. Once again, I appeal to the non-biased side of your paper, to properly report the location of the incident in the heading of the article.

Robert Tyre Jones Jr.
Proviso East Class of 1982