Yesterday I received a call from Jean Lotus, one of your reporters, informing me that she was writing an article regarding my upcoming clemency hearing in July.

Jean Lotus stated that she has been speaking to the victims and was going to print all the details of my crime.

In 1996, I was arrested on criminal sexual abuse of two minor girls, ages approximately 13 and 16. I was found guilty in 1997 and was sentenced to four years probation, four years therapy at the Isaac Ray Center, and had to register as a sex offender for the next ten years. I completed all the requirements of my sentence and registered with the local police department every time I had a change of address, a new car or other or other necessary information. In 2007, I received a letter from the State of Illinois stating that I was no longer required to register as a sex offender.

While talking with Jean Lotus, she stated that some of the victims are giving her stories that were not brought out at my trial. A total of six girls were in the State’s case. There were four girls whose cases the State dismissed. None of the six girls took the stand and testified in the case.

Prior to the incident, two of the six girls mentioned above were very upset with me because I would not allow them to have a keg (beer) party at my house and I feel that they may have acted in retaliation against me. All of these girls were friends of my son and frequented my home to visit him.

Ms. Lotus also reported incorrectly in her web page that I was hanging around a park. This is not true. The court records will show that my wife and I lived near a park. Whenever I registered with the police as an offender there were no written instructions or verbal instructions given to me that stated I could not live near park areas and I did not know this. The case went to court and was reduced to a misdemeanor. I feel that Ms. Lotus is using some erroneous information on some of the web pages. One web page states that I must still register as a sex offender, and that I must receive chemical castration shots monthly. This is not true. The chemical castration part never happened, but I did have to register and always did in a timely manner.

Ms. Lotus should get her facts straight before reporting information that is incorrect. I understand she is doing her job, but she also should be unbiased and try both sides of the story.

I do admit to inappropriately touching two girls for which I was convicted. I am ashamed and pay daily for these wrongful mistakes. I am deeply and truly sorry for my actions and have made positive changes in my life so that these things do not happen again.

My heartfelt apology goes out to all six girls whose lives I have affected.

I believe that I have paid for my crimes and would like to be allowed to move on with my life. Because of this incident, I lost my family, my job and the respect of many people. I realize that this is entirely my fault and am not justifying anything.

For the last seventeen years I have not re-offended in any way. I have re-married and do not drink or smoke. I attend church regularly and try to live a quiet and peaceful life.

I am 72 years old and have more time behind me than ahead of me. I only want to move on with my life. Because of my conviction, I am unable to get a job to help my wife with the bills. I would like to do this. I would also like to do volunteer with work veterans.

I realize that the victims have to be notified and I understand and believe in this, but I feel that Jean Lotus is trying to make a name for herself, no matter what harm she does. I just ask that she be fair and equitable in her report about me.

James A. Dutra

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