Piper and Chip say 'no thanks' to fireworks in Forest Park.JACKIE SCHULZ/Contributor

Here’s to an exciting July Fourth. In keeping with the season I interviewed a few famous dogs around town to get their take on the lack of fireworks this year. Almost to a dog they are in favor of eliminating the practice. Here are the results:

Xena: “Fireworks!! I hate ’em, what good are they? They make everyone nervous. They start fires most of the time, burn people and dogs. Let’s do away with them forever.”

Gizmo: “What’s that? Sorry, but I’m a pretty old fellow now and can’t hear. Guess I don’t hear fireworks anymore.”

Gussie: “Don’t even mention the word. I shook until my teeth fell out, yes, they did. I go into the basement and try to dig the basement even deeper.”

Henry: “Did you notice how much I resemble the Egyptian god Horus? It’s my BIG ears which, which by the way, make those awful fireworks even louder. I vote a loud No to fireworks.”

Cosmo: “Oooh, they make me shiver and shake. No fireworks, please. And also please do away with all wheels, I can’t stand bikes, scooters, skateboards. No wheels, please.”

Stanley: I really don’t mind fireworks or anything else for that matter. Just give me a little treat.

Chip and Piper (housemates) Chip says “NO! No, no fireworks! Where can a dog go to hide?” Piper: “Who cares? Just put my little green ball in my mouth and I’m happy.”

Suzie G: “Put me down for a big NO. I hate fireworks; you can’t even eat them.”

Cheech: “What are fireworks?”

The St. John community will miss Heidi Schoedel terribly. She helped our communities welcome refugees who came to our country seeking a better life through the international Refugee Highway Partnership. Thanks to Heidi, they found that life here.

It’s Dean’s List time again. Asi Ben-Avraham appeared on the dean’s list at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Sandra Smiley made Aurora University dean’s list.

Jessica Jordan made the Lewis University’s Spring 2013 dean’s list.

Congratulations to Christine Huebner, who received a bachelor’s degree from North Central College in May. Welcome newly minted lawyer Sanjay Bagri, son of Shelley Bagri and the late Dr. Sushil Bagri. Sanjay graduated with a doctor of laws from the School of Law of Washington University in St. Louis.

Phil Robinson will pick up your unwanted books for the ongoing book sale at the library. He holds high hopes for a full scale book sale before the year’s end. Let the library know you’d like the books picked up and they will get word to Phil.

A sad good-bye to Urtha who is retiring as President of the Friends. Evelyn Krueger is willing to hold the position until a new president is elected.

Janet Fink retired from a long and much-respected career in teaching. She was honored at two retirement parties and will be missed by her fellow teachers and students.

The rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the guests at Andreas Chronopolis’s second birthday party last Saturday. Andreas’s birthday was June 27 ,but the gala party was held on Saturday.

Happy birthday to Christy Lyn Cesario, Lucian Dubem, Tina Neubeiser, Scott Kaup, Nancy Lovell, John O’Donnell, Madalyn Little, Craig Lichtenberg, Emmett Byrnes, Michelle Lindgren, Kimberly Jargstoff, Janine Boy, John Doss, Janet Oliver, Jackie Clifton, Denise Nerton, Jeff Schultz, Mary Donnelly, Julianne Touhy, Rachel Stahlke, Peggy O’Rourke, Zeno Jacquat, Pete Collis, Diane Bugajske, Tim Houren, and Bob Cox. Happy Anniversary to Bob and Brenda Loula.


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